Infraspinatus Muscle

Infraspinatus Muscle
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Най- infraspinatus is a triangular-molded muscle that is situated at the back of the shoulder joint, on the back surface of the scapula (на раменна кост). It joins to the highest point of the humerus (дълга кост на предмишницата). This muscle is one of the four muscles that shape the rotator sleeve, which capacities to balance out the shoulder joint.

The infraspinatus gets its name since this muscle is situated in the infraspinous fossa of the scapula. The infraspinatus fossa is the inward surface at the back of the scapula.It is the addition that infraspinatus tendinitis most usually happens. The infraspinatus and ligaments are vulnerable to injury and to wear and tear from abuse and abuse.


Infraspinatus Muscle


Functions of the Infraspinatus

Like all rotator sleeve muscles, the infraspinatus capacities to settle the shoulder joint. По-специално, the infraspinatus capacities to keep the leader of the humerus in its right position against the scapula while the humerus is moved all through the shoulder joint.

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Също, the infraspinatus capacities to along the side (remotely) pivot the humerus, which includes the outward turning of the upper arm. To perform a parallel turn of the humerus, you can basically twist your elbows at a 90 степен.

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It appends medially to the infraspinous fossa of the scapula and along the side to the more prominent tubercle of the раменна кост.

It emerges by plump strands from its average 66%, and by tendinous filaments from the edges on its surface; it likewise emerges from the infraspinatous sash which covers it and isolates it from the teres major and minor.



The strands merge to a ligament, which coasts over the parallel outskirt of the spine of the scapula, и, going over the back piece of the case of the shoulder-joint, is embedded into the center impact on the more prominent tubercle of the humerus.



The tendon of this muscle is at times isolated from the container of the shoulder-joint by a bursa, which may speak with the joint pit.

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The infraspinatus is the fundamental outside rotator of the shoulder joint. It helps with creating shoulder augmentation. With the arm settled, it snatches the mediocre point of the scapula.



The infraspinatus muscle is provided by the suprascapular nerve (C5 and C6), which emerges from the prevalent trunk of the brachial plexus and goes horizontally through the back triangle of the neck and through the scapular indent on the unrivaled fringe of the scapula. Subsequent to providing strands to the супраспинатус мускул, it supplies articular branches to the case of the shoulder joint.


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