ишиум Bone

Ischium Bone
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Ischium bone is also called sit bone. You’re probably here because you have sat bone torment. You can call it sitz bones too. The hip bone is comprised of the three sections – the ilium, пубис, и седалищната кост. Preceding pubescence, the triradiate ligament isolates these constituents. At the age of 15-17, the three sections start to intertwine. It is the infeposterior part of the innominate bone and adds to the lower hip bone socket.


ишиум Bone


The body of the Ischium bone

This is a thick and monstrous mass of bone that lies beneath and behind the hip bone socket. It has two closures, upper and lower; three outskirts, преден, back and sidelong; and three surfaces, femoral, dorsal and pelvic.

  • The upper end shapes the poster inferior two-fifths of the hip bone socket. The ischium, слабинна кост, and pubis meld with each other in the hip bone socket.
  • The lower end shapes the ischial tuberosity. It radiates the ramus of the ischium which shapes an intense edge with the body.
  • The foremost outskirt frames the back edge of the obturator foramen.
  • The back fringe is constant above with the back outskirt of the ilium. под, it closes at the upper end of the ischial tuberosity. It frames some portion of the lower outskirt of the ilium. It likewise frames some portion of the lower outskirt of the more noteworthy sciatic indent. Beneath the spine, the back edge demonstrates a projection called the ischial spine. Beneath the spine, the back fringe demonstrates a concavity called the lesser sciatic indent.
  • The sidelong outskirt shapes the parallel edge of the ischial tuberosity, with the exception of at the upper end where it is adjusted.
  • The femoral surface lies between the front and parallel fringes. The dorsal surface is consistent above with the gluteal surface of the ilium. From above downwards it exhibits a curved surface abutting the hip bone socket, a wide shallow furrow, and the upper piece of the ischial tuberosity.
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Key features of Ischium bone

The key highlights of this component of the hip are that a considerable measure of muscles joins to the back ischial tuberosity. The ischial tuberosity muscle connections incorporate the sources of the hamstring muscles semimembranosus, semitendinosus, adductor magnus and biceps femoris.

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The ischial tuberosity is separated by a transverse edge into an upper and a lower territory. The upper zone is subdivided by a sideways edge into a superolateral territory and an inferomedial region. The lower territory is subdivided by a longitudinal edge into the external and inward zone. The lower territory is subdivided by a longitudinal edge into an external and inward region. The pelvic surface is smooth and structures some portion of the sidelong mass.


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