Jumping Lunge Techniques

Jumping Lunge Techniques
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To do a Jumping lunge, find a clean space where you have no hazards of kicking or stepping on something. You can use an exercise mat to perform the exercise. Stand tall and the first step leg ahead, dropping the again knee down right into a lunge role. Both of your knees have to be at more or less 90-degree angles. Power up with both legs, lift up by jumping into the air as high as you can and transfer your legs even as you are within the air. Afterwards, you must land on the floor in a lunging position with the other leg forward to the previous one. Sink down and bounce once more, over again switching in mid-air to the alternative position. To explain the jumping lunges exercise following are the considerable techniques that you can practice as per your routine exercise requirement:


Jumping Lunge Techniques


Plant your feet firmly

The lunge position calls for you to face together with your feet pointing directly beforehand hip width aside. Locate your one foot approximately half a meter (Feet) forward of the alternative foot. It doesn’t rely on the case you positioned your right foot ahead of your left or vice versa. Your lower back foot should be bent on the toe, and your heel ought to be up at approximately a forty-five-degree angle relative to the ground.

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Discover a soft floor, such as a patch of grass, some carpeted or padded ground, or a rubber track. Avoid doing jump lunges on cement.

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Angle your knees

Drop your hips until both knees form right angles. Push the front-most knee out slightly to the aspect. Keep your lower back knee and thigh parallel along with your body. Do now not permit your forward-maximum knee to extend past the ends of your toes. Place your fingers firmly on your hips, head, or at your aspects to support your body while landing throughout the exercise.


Jump up

The lunge position allows you to leap with a tremendous force. From a lunge role, pass as if to stand, however, achieve this fast. Summon quite a few powers to explosively push yourself off the floor together with your ft. Pop straight into the air. As soon as in midair, quick circulate the returned foot to the frontal position and the front foot to the returned position again. Your left foot turned into at the back of you and your proper foot changed into in the front of you, you ought to flow your right foot at the back of you and region your left foot in front of you.

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Land your jump lunge

Place your feet on the equal distance apart from each other that you did whilst assuming the initial lunge role. You ought to land on your feet without bending your knees similarly. In other phrases, since you’ve already adjusted your legs to anticipate the lunges function in midair, your touchdown should without a doubt drop you down to go back to the placement you commenced in. Your touchdown should be quiet. This shows your frame is absorbing the surprise of the touchdown and not stressing your joints.


Repeat the jump lunge exercise

Keep the lunge position for about two to three seconds once you land earlier than heading into your next one. You ought to be capable of doing 8 in about 15 to 30 seconds.

  • When you first begin doing a jumping lunge, do 3 to 5. As you enhance your approach, slowly add one soar lunge each week till you’re doing about 8 jump lunges.
  • You may also increase the difficulty of the jump lunge by means of making your lunges barely deeper as you get better.


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