Light Up The Festive Season By Creating a Craft That Delights The Heart

Light Up The Festive Season By Creating a Craft That Delights The Heart
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Old is gold – it seems this is the underlying philosophy that has driven the paper crafting company GRAPHIC 45 to model its business upon. Or else why should the company that has won accolades as a scrapbook and craft paper manufacturer engage in extensively producing vintage inspired crafting products that date back almost to a century?

The paper products are not only unique and attractive but also recreate the times when the world boasted of some colorful styles that many people love to reminiscence about. The irresistible texture and vibrant colors derive inspiration from the good old days when the earth was still a pleasant place to live. Those were the times when it was easy to breathe and live that creates a deep desire among us to set the clock back. It generates a lot of pleasure to think about our heritage.


Light Up The Festive Season By Creating a Craft That Delights The Heart


Light Up The Festive Season By Creating a Craft That Delights The Heart

Craft paper for all occasions

Although famously known for producing exceptionally beautiful craft papers, the company products are equally attractive for whetting the appetite for craft makers in creating other items like memory album, card, party decorations and even for sprucing up the home décor. With Christmas around the corner, it will be a great experience to make paper Christmas Trees that set the tone for the festive season. It is an inexpensive and beautiful way to create a festive atmosphere that rings in the holidays, in homes and offices.

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Follow the easy steps described in this article for accomplishing the task quickly and show your creative skills to the world. Not stopping at just making the paper Christmas Tree go-ahead to decorate it that adds more excitement and fun.

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Gather the materials for Christmas tree

You need a few things to start the project. Construction paper, clear tape, marker, scissors, and craft glue and a glue stick or hot glue gun are all that you will need.  While these are the necessary materials for making the tree, the decorating materials would differ according to the extent of decoration you want to have, from something very simple by using paint and glitter to more complex decorations comprising of stickers, paper cutouts and any other things that come to mind.


Cut the paper to form the tree

Take two pieces of construction paper, and the place is back to back and then fold it along the center line to make it half.  On the outside of the paper stack, use markers to outline a Christmas tree cut from the middle vertically. By cutting along the lines through both sheets of paper, you are now ready with two identical trees. For making a large tree, you need two full-size sheets.

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Next, cut slits in the tree shapes and slide the two pieces along the slits by matching the midlines in such way so that when you open the tree along the fold, it stands on the ground with one tree at right angles to the other.

With the tree firmly standing in place, unbridle your creative imaginations to decorate it so that it dazzles and shines.


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