Linea Aspera

linea aspera bones
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The linea aspera is thought to be the most grounded and longest bone in the body. It is the main bone that is found in the upper legs and it reaches out from the pelvis to the knee. Like each other bone in the body, it has stamps and highlights that make them a capacity to associate with different bones. The linea aspera is one of the discernable signs of the femur.


What is Linea Aspera?

linea aspera bones


The linea aspera (LA) is the unmistakable edge found along the back part of the femur. At the point when interpreted from Latin, LA signifies “harsh line.” LA is the roughened, longitudinal sporadic peak that is made out of 2 lips. This component is the addition site of the adductor thigh muscle. It is the cause of a few muscles in the thigh.

The LA is absent in more youthful individuals and it begins to develop amid the pubertal stage. This element turns out to be more noticeable as an individual advance with age. It has been conjectured that the LA is framed where the hub intracortical push is the best. This area solidifies the femur successfully amid bowing.

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This edge on the femur fills in as the inclusion purpose of a few muscles. The vastus medialis starts from the average lip of the LA while the vastus lateralis appends from the horizontal lip. The adductor magnus is embedded into the LA and between this muscle and the vastus lateralis is the place the gluteus maximus and the short leader of the biceps femoris start.

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Types of Linea Aspera

In light of the osteometric estimations that were done, there are 4 sorts of LA that have been distinguished.

Parallel – The sidelong and average lips of the LA and every one of the widths that have been estimated are equivalent.

Concave – The widths of the proximal and distal finishes of this edge are the biggest while the center width is the littlest.

Convex – The width in the centerpiece of LA is the greatest while those of the closures are the most reduced.

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Variform – In this compose, every one of the widths of the LA is for the most part unique.

Variform LA is thought to be the most widely recognized compose found in people representing around 40%. The parallel and inward composes makeup about of 25% each while the raised kind is around 5% of the populace.

Knowing all the conceivable varieties of the LA will be useful in identifying conceivable tumor development, for example, a calcinosis-like development that might be situated in the LA. There is a plausibility that this development might be mixed up as a piece of the LA. Picking up learning about the varieties in its morphology may help with guaranteeing a suitable clinical analysis.


Function of Linea Aspera

The fundamental capacity of the LA is the help and adjustment of the femur amid strolling and running as it fills in as the connection site of a few muscles.

As a result of its inclusion in everyday exercises, LA creates because of the utilization and reinforcing of the muscles. Besides this, the LA may work as an obstruction shaft which can harden the femur inside its forward conspicuousness.


The geology of the LA is fundamental in the execution of surgeries on the femur. It is useful in an altered transfemoral approach or in the back methodology of the femur.

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