Междинните глезена сухожилия

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Medial ankle ligaments have another name делтоидния сухожилие is a solid, level and triangular band. It is joined above to the apex and front and back outskirts of the medial malleolus. The Deltoid ligament is made out of shallow and profound segments.




The external segments of medial ankle ligaments:

  • The tibiocalcaneal ligament,
  • The tibionavicular ligament
  • The back shallow tibiotalar ligament
  • The tibiospring ligament


The profound segments:

  • The anterior tibiotalar ligament (ATTL)
  • The posterior deep tibiotalar ligament (PDTL)


Medial ankle ligaments injuries

Lower leg sprains with wounds of the parallel or medial ligament complex have a high occurrence in day by day life and games. По този начин, a proper idea for clinical examination, determination, and careful treatment is obligatory. Their treatment modalities are very much depicted for the horizontal ligaments little is thought about the medial lower leg and its ligament wounds. The motivation behind this article is to aware you about deltoid ligament and report the essential aftereffects of our treatment idea.

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How to do a treatment of medial ankle ligaments?

Treatment of the deltoid ligament damage to a great extent relies upon the related wounds. Distal fibular breaks may require open reduction internal fixation (ORIF) to anatomically reestablish the lower leg joint. In the event that average canal extending was available preceding the ORIF or shut diminishment, it is imperative to keep on evaluating the average drain amid the decrease.


Сега и отново, the sidelong lower leg joint has all the earmarks of being completely diminished however the average drain extending endures. In the event that this happens, there must be a high record of a doubt for the back tibial ligament climbing and impinging in the lower leg joint. This can be a troublesome issue with shut diminishment and may require careful intercession to move the back tibial ligament and reestablish the average lower leg to its anatomic position.


Прочетете тази статия extensor digitorum brevis също да се знае повече за глезена наранявания.

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