Психично здраве при работа: 'Излиза подава се' & Борба Страха

Mental Health at Work ‘Coming out’ & Fighting the Fear
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Do you often feel stressed and helpless when you are at work? Has your productivity taken the downhill road? Are you unable to come up with a way to make things better? Ако отговорът е да, тогава, evidently, you’re going through a tough time at your workplace.

Но, worry no more. We’ve narrowed some simple and easy tips that will help you in Как да премахнете Страх От ума и сърцето, conquer your fears and boost your performance at work.


Mental Health at Work ‘Coming out’ & Борба Страха


How to Overcome Workplace Fear and Anxiety?

Being able to overcome your fears and anxieties is a meticulous way of living your life to its full potential. Така, we’ve jotted some key-points that will help you in managing your mental health at the workplace and face your fears fearlessly.


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  • Inhale, Exhale!

When you are afraid of something, it usually turns your brain on hyper-alert mode. During this hyper-active mode, your blood pressure accelerates and so does your heart beats.

In those times, quick deep breathes help in normalizing the situation. Например, imagine you have an appraisal meeting coming up, and your hike totally depends on your presentation. At this time, you might panic due to fear of failure or nervousness.

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въпреки това, keeping yourself calm and focusing on your breathing can instantly help you defeat the fear and perform well. According to a study too, breathing exercises were found helpful in relieving anxiety and fear.


  • Know Your Weaklings

The best way to overcome your workplace fear is to identify it and isolate it. Например, if you are afraid of speaking in public, try taking an active part in group discussions. This way you will be voicing out your opinion, and it will give you confidence which will lead to mental satisfaction.

Освен това, some of our fears are unreasonable. Например, thinking about what your colleagues might think if you stammer while you speak. This cobweb of unrealistic fears restricts you from actually looking to the brighter side. Следователно, it is important to remember unless you let it hover on yourself, it cannot bother you.


  • Follow the Half Empty Philosophy

The idea behind this theory is to concentrate on how bad things can go. To most people, the worst case scenario is losing their job or losing their hard-earned recognition. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Така, instead of panicking about the worst consequences accept them. Tell your mind, this is the last resort to the problem, nothing worse can happen than this. When you do so, your mind instantly starts preparing you for the extreme outcome. Като резултат, the fear automatically disappears the moment you chase it.


  • Don’t Suppress the Fear, Learn to Face It Instead

Avoiding your fears, doubts and apprehensions only make them worse. От друга страна, the moment you start facing it, it starts to fade away. This approach is known as exposure therapy. Например, if you are facing some issues with a colleague, instead of avoiding them, confront them. Talk to them directly.

Not only will it help you get closure over the situation, but also will help you to move on. In other words, the fears you do not face become your limits. Do not let them.


  • Clock Your Fear Pattern

Unnecessary worrying impedes productivity, mood and self-confidence. Don’t let it spill over into every minute of your workday.

According to statistics, fear of certain things at workplace hampers employeesperformance and productivity. От друга страна, it was also noted that about 51% of the employees face issues with coworkers and peers due to workplace fear and anxiety.

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въпреки това, if you still find yourself worrying about something, try keeping it aside for a while and focus on work. Once you complete your task, resume to finding a solution to make the situation better.


  • Communicate and Seek Advice

Another way to combat your fears is by sharing them. If you are facing a certain issue at your workplace, it is better to share it with your immediate superior rather than sulking in it. This way not only you will be able to find a solution, but will also find a new perspective to deal with the problems.


  • Live Fearlessly, Live Freely!

If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit at home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” – Dale Carnegie

Simply put, waiting for some miracle to happen is not a smart solution to your fears and anxieties. Your actions towards making it better are. Така, be your most confident-self and ensure yourself you can get through any circumstances no matter how big or small.


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