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Mule Kick
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The mule kick additionally called the donkey kick, prepares young gymnasts for extra superior elements. It can be varied to increase one-of-a-kind varieties of coordination styles and skills. Physical education instructors regularly include these fun actions into their lessons whilst their college students reach second or 0.33 grades.

In a primary mule kick, the child squats down and places each finger flat on the mat. Keeping her fingers straight and shoulder width aside, the kid kicks her toes up behind her body. For a short second, she supports her complete frame weight on her palms earlier than returning to the squat function.


Mule Kick


Mule kick construct upper-frame power due to the fact the arms have to support the kid’s whole body weight. Those kicks additionally build coordination through the switch of weight from the toes to the arms. While operating on mule kicks, youngsters learn how to manipulate their bodies. They have to choose how difficult to kick the legs up and the way to deliver them all the way down to the mat below manipulate. All of those components make mule kicks desirable progressions in the direction of handstands and vaults.

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How to Do Mule Kick

Standing on one leg, enhance opposite knee until parallel to the floor. Slowly kick leg returned till parallel to the ground in the back of you. Gradual bend your knee bringing your leg returned to a proper angle in the front of you.


Benefits of a Mule Kick

  • Mule kick is easy but as effective as the basic squat, consistent with the look at with the aid of ACE.
  • As with the body weight squat, this butt workout correctly goals and activates your glutes and firms and strengthens your butt and thighs.
  • Even though donkey kicks have similarities with a hearth hydrant, it keeps its muscle activation inside the gluteal regions, instead of engaging a much wider range of lower body muscle tissue consisting of inner thighs, quads, and hamstrings.


Tips and Tricks

For safety motives, youngsters must carry out this talent on a mat in case they fall. While first learning the ability, youngsters will often bend their elbows. Because this will increase the risk of a fall, they have to be continuously reminded to maintain their elbows directly. Eye-consciousness is a critical factor of a mule kick. Kids have to be endorsed to take a look at the mat as they carry out the skill.

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Sets & Reps

The general pointers for reps and units for mule kick with none delivered weight or resistance are 10-15 repetitions per side for two-three sets. If you are new to exercising, start with fewer repetitions and sets. If you are equipped with a mission, upload resistance via adding a resistance band.


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