Nerves Of Lower Limb

nerves of lower limb
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The nerves of lower limb begin from ventral (front essential) rami of the lumbar and sacral nerves while making the lumbar plexus (L1-L4) in the back stomach divider and the sacral plexus (l4-S4) in the pelvis.


nerves of lower limb


The essential nerves of the lower appendage are as per the following:

  • Femoral Nerve.
  • Obturator Nerve.
  • Sciatic Nerve.
  • Tibial Nerve.
  • Normal Peroneal Nerve.
  • Shallow Peroneal Nerve.
  • Profound Peroneal Nerve.



Femoral Nerve


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Femoral Nerve is the primary nerve of a foremost compartment of the thigh. It starts from the dorsal segments of the foremost essential rami of L2, L3, L4 nerves and is the biggest branch of the lumbar plexus. It goes into the thigh behind the inguinal tendon and horizontal to femoral sheath while plummeting by means of psoas major and showing up on its parallel request amongst psoas and illiacus.

It dives into back and front segment in femoral triangle 2 cm distal to the inguinal tendon. The sidelong circumflex femoral corridor is straddled by the two areas. The illiacus in the stomach area and every one of the muscles of the front compartment of the thigh is provided by engine branches of it. The expansive cutaneous zone on the foremost and average piece of thigh, average side of leg and foot is provided by the cutaneous branches of the femoral vein. Hip and knee joints are additionally provided by its articular branches.

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Obturator Nerve has a place with the adductor compartment of the thigh. Within psoas major from front areas of the ventral rami of L2 to L4 spinal nerves. The nerve goes down in psoas major and issues from its average outskirt at the ala of the sacrum. It goes through the upper front piece of the obturator foramen to the average (adductor) compartment of the thigh while diving along the parallel mass of the lesser pelvis on the obturator internus.



Sciatic Nerve


Sciatic Nerve is the thickest nerve in the body. Toward the starting, it is 1.5 to 2 cm wide. It is made out of 2 sections tibial and regular peroneal nerves and its purpose of cause is in the pelvis of ventral rami of L4 to S3 spinal nerves.

It goes into the gluteal locale while, leaving the pelvis by means of more prominent sciatic foramen beneath piriformis. Here along the back of the thigh, it plummets between the more prominent trochanter and ischial tuberosity. A little over the popliteal fossa (intersection of center and lower thirds of the thigh), it separates into terminal tibial and normal peroneal nerves.

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Tibial Nerve


Tibial Nerve is an expansive branch of the Sciatic nerve. The purpose of birthplace is over the popliteal fossa and goes descending separately through a center of popliteal fossa and back compartment of leg and a while later goes into the bottom of the foot by passing profoundly to the flexor retinaculum where it partitions into average and horizontal plantar nerves.

Every one of the muscles of the back compartment of the leg is specifically provided by its engine, average and its terminal branches, average and parallel nerves supply every one of the muscles of solitary. The entire skin of the underside of the foot and toes including all the dorsal parts of their last phalanges are provided by its tactile branches through average and horizontal plantar nerves.



Normal Peroneal Nerve is a little terminal branch of the Sciatic nerve. Its purpose of appearance is simply above popliteal fossa in the lower third of the thigh. The passageway point in popliteal fossa is simply underneath biceps ligament’s outskirt alongside upper horizontal limit of popliteal fossa. At that point, it goes over the sidelong head of gastrocnemius and plantaris. A short time later it partitions into two most remote branches the profound and shallow peroneal nerves when it curves around the horizontal piece of neck of fibula to achieve further to peroneous longus while going over fibular association of the soleus.

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Shallow Peroneal Nerve is the nerve of the horizontal compartment of the leg. It is 1 of the 2 terminal branches of the normal peroneal nerve given in the neck of the fibula. The purpose of the starting point is in the substance of peroneus longus on the parallel side of the neck of fibula.

Its beginning stage is on the horizontal side of the neck of the fibula and plummets for a little space between the peroneus longus and peroneus brevis, and after that is situated in a score between the peroneus brevis and extensor digitorum longus.

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Profound Peroneal Nerve is a nerve that is found in the front compartment of leg and dorsum of the foot. It is comparing to the back interosseous nerve of the lower arm.

It’s one of the two terminal branches of the basic peroneal nerve in the neck of the fibula.


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