Oceania is contain of thousand islands, breathtaking natural beauty, many languages mad various culture. It is one of the greatest place to visit. The whole Oceania is filled with adventures places and you can find only clear crystal water in Oceania. It’s an unforgettable place. It’s filled with all the beautiful place including Hawaii, Kona, New Zeeland and Australia.

  1. Fiji

hi ha 300 island in the south pacific. The two famous island is Fiji are Viti Levu and Vanua where most of the population live. It’s a tropical land with clear oceans and beautiful white sandy beaches. So if you like watching whales, shark feeding, surfing, sailing, swimming caps, diving then this is the place for you. You will find all luxuries hotel and plenty of shop.

  1. Kona, Hawaii

The Hawaii trip is incomplete without seeing a volcano. Kona is famous for its unique adventure and Kona coffee. Kona coffee is world-renowned. In Kona you will find so many good resort and hotel.

  1. Australia

So many tourist came in Australia to visit it, the people of Australia are so welcoming and the places you should visit in Australia are Ayres rock of Uluru, Kakadu National park and Great Barrier Reef in North East of Australia are discover as the most wide coral reef system. You will find so many places for hiking in Australia. You should also take a tour of Sydney Opera house.

  1. New Zealand

New Zealand is a country with diverse natural beauty includes steep fiords, rivers, beaches and steep fiords. This island is inhabited by unique fauna including many birds such as kiwi. You will see different lush mountains.

In New Zealand Maori culture play an important role. The places you should visit in New Zealand is spirit bay, Maori villages and explore Queenstown.

  1. New Caledonia, Melanesia

New Caledonia is top place to visit in Melanesia. Lagoon of Melanesia make this place more gorgeous and attractive. You can see beaches, coral reef, the people of Melanesia are friendly. In addition you can do scuba diving, snorkeling.


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