One Meal per Day Diet Success Stories

One Meal per Day Diet Success Stories
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One meal per day diet success stories is interesting when I interviewed some individuals who lost a great weight by following OMAD diet. I was amazed by watching them and their pictures before and after the OMAD diet. It seems difficult for most of us but if you stick on a plan, you can gain anything that you really want. So don’t stop trying your best and be stick to the point and never lose the hope.

You can also follow some free online diet plan as well but must read this article if you can’t follow others and want a one meal plan and read interesting and amazing success stories of these individuals.


One Meal per Day Diet Success Stories


One meal per day diet success stories:

Story No. 1

A lady had lost 120lbs, she had 370 pounds. 370?? Is this too much? Yes, it is. But she lost 120lbs as well by following OMAD diet plan. According to her she used to run to lose weight but couldn’t lose weight and lost hope that she going to be fat as she was before and cannot lose weight so she decided that she cannot live like this and started to fast whole day by having just one meal a day (following online diet). She was surprised by seeing the results day by day and just amazed. She used to drink a lot of water and also took green tea and black coffee, and stuck between 1300 and 1500 calories, some days she didn’t exercise as she thought that she couldn’t do and on some days she did a lot of exercises to lose weight. In this way, she lost 120lbs.

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Story No. 2

A male who eat 5000 calories a day but still he’s fit and has a fine body. Because he eats for 4 hours that is enough for him and doesn’t eat remaining 2 meal. He eats one meal once a day and practicing intermittent fasting as well. After eating a lot he uses to go to the gym, walking and jogging that keep him fit and healthy.


Story No. 3

A male who challenged one meal one day for 21 days, had a better result in 21 days. Ate food for 7 hours and in the intermittent period used to drink apple cider vinegar after the meal 2 tbsp and before the meal he used to drink coffee with 2 tbsp coconut oil. He drank black coffee throughout the day. His meal consisted pizza, beef steak and anything that he wants but just for one meal, but on another side, he didn’t take beef, dairy products and this kind of food on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday, but ate salads, beans, and fruits. He does martial arts too, so he lost 19 KG in 21 days.

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After reading this article, now you may be able to know about their stories and their struggle too. So you can also lose weight by taking ideas by searching about how to reduce 10 kg weight in 3 days as well.


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