Pectoralis Minor

pectoralis minor
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Pectoralis Minor is a muscle beneath the pectoralis major and known as a little brother of pec major. It lies in the chest deeply and isn’t visible, in contrast, pectoralis major is visible in men.  Hence, these two are called pecs.  Here’s a common misconception that pec minor is located in the upper chest but it is in actual located in the upper fibers of the serratus of anterior. It’s a thin layered but a powerful muscle because there are also some other muscles located with it,  including the pec major, biceps, deltoids, coracobrachialis, subscapularis, serratus anterior, and the latissimus dorsi. So it becomes overactive among these.

Pectoralis Minor is responsible for the forward and downward movement of the shoulders and stabilizes the scapula and connects the upper back to the shoulders as it is spreading like a web in the front of the chest.

Because, it moves forward the shoulder, so, it becomes shortened and faces an opposing force by the latissimus dorsi that moves back the shoulder.

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Therefore, we have to learn about the anatomy of the Pectoralis Minor to get complete know-how about it.


pectoralis minor


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Anatomy of Pectoralis Minor:


It originates in the anterior surface and arises from the 3rd rib to 5th rib, overlying the intercostal spaces as well. This short nonetheless powerful muscle is that the main catching muscle of an internet of tissue that weaves through an oversized a part of the front of the trunk. It originates at the coracoid method of the shoulder bone, a bony protrusion that pokes its head anteriorly toward the top corner of the chest.


It inserts as a level ligament into the coracoid procedure of the scapula. All of the muscle could cross this method process and continue into the coracoacromial ligament.


It innervates the medial pectoral nerve.


It rotates forward and down the scapula and raises 3rd, 4th and 5th ribs.

Nerve Supply of Pectoralis Minor:

It contributes to the Pectoral branch of the thoracoacromial trunk.



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