Polar Region


It is impossible to understand the cold of the polar region until you visit. We all have experience the cold weather but it’s nothing like polar region, the average annual temperature of Antarctica is -37. It’s not the lowest temperature, actually it’s the mean temperature over a year.

There are more things than coldness that attract to visitor. Going on a polar region is not less than moon, because it can take weeks to rescue in polar region during winters. But still people love to come here to see the bluest sea, the clearest sky, the clearest sky and the most amazing wildlife.

Polar region lies with the Arctic and Antarctic Circles. Both are covered with ice. Antarctica is a single land figure and Arctic is not land mass at all, it consist of Arctic Ocean.

The Polar region you should must see

  1. The south pole and North pole

This level of remoteness found nowhere else on this earth. The continent of Antarctica has the highest average highest of any continent. The attraction of the pole is because of its separation. The average temperature of Antarctica surprise people more.

  1. Ushuaia, Argentina

It’s not actually located in polar region but it is located at the southern tip of South America where most Antarctica journey start. That’s why it’s create a hype and attract people.

  1. Longyearbyen, Svalbard

Longyearbyen is located almost 10o north of the Arctic Circle. It is near Ushuaia and people visit here to see polar bears.


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