Quit Using Drugs | Ibogaine for Addiction

Quit Using Drugs
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Drug use is not something that most people are happy about. Most users spend many years trying to recover from their addiction. Recovery can be even harder when individuals are not successful after several attempts. This can make addicts hesitant to try again, believing that they cannot get better. It can take a lot of convincing to get a long-term addict into treatment. Offering a new type of treatment may help give hope to those that have lost their will to fight their addiction. Ibogaine treatment is a new trending option when it comes to quitting drugs.


Quit Using Drugs


The Plant

The plant used for ibogaine treatments is from Central Africa. It is well-known for its use in cultural rituals. Small doses act as a stimulant to the central nervous system. In large amounts, hallucinations are expected. The Tabernanthe iboga is used in various ways by the local population. The bark on the root is the potent part and is also used as medicine in its native country. It can numb the skin and mouth. Ibogaine is an alkaloid that causes these sensations. Even though ibogaine is the main component sought out for drug addiction treatment, the plant contains several other active alkaloids. Ibogaine treats many ailments, depending on the culture.

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Why it Works

Many people question how a hallucinogen can be a successful part of quitting drugs. Your body responds to ibogaine in a different way. It is also used in a controlled environment. The stimulation of the central nervous system helps with withdrawal symptoms. The alkaloid seeks out different receptors than the drugs. This somehow cancels out many physical symptoms brought on by missing drugs. Since Ibogaine also changes the state of mind of the recipient, they are often able to be more introspective. Self-realization during this time can be a great asset. The main goal s to help patients find out why they are suffering the addiction in the first place. They can then begin to heal from the experiences that led them to drug use.

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The Future

Ibogaine treatments are often the last resort treatment for those that feel hopeless. Parents may send their children to treatment after watching the entire family being torn apart over several years. It is difficult to accept an alternative treatment since it has become illegal in many areas. The stigma attached to ibogaine keeps many people from giving it a try. The healthy future of a loved one can be achieved with a comprehensive treatment plan. Take the time to research various centers to find a reputable one for the best experience.

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  1. Hey there, you have provided very useful information about the treatment for drug addicts. Many of us are not aware of such treatments. It will help a lot of people out there to seek such treatments for their loved ones. Thank you for sharing this. Keep up the good work.


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