Reason of Massive power failure that plunged Pakistan into Darkness

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Conspiracies and myths are a common part of humans life and the Reason for Power Failure in Pakistan is a hot topic for conspiracies today. These often tend to occur due to “Know it all” people or lack of education. A similar situation happens in Pakistan on the 9th of January 2021 around 11 50 PM when all of a sudden the whole country plunged into darkness due to some technical issue with the Guddu power plant. And people started to create all kinds of stories regarding why power failure happened in Pakistan.

There are many stories circulating on the internet and different from every media house in Pakistan. Some are speculating it as some sort of terror attack and some are considering it a technical fault in the electric grid. Moreover, people are telling different scenarios and possibilities and sharing stories on their social media profiles. In all of this, some memes are also creating more fun for the people who take everything in a comic or funny way.

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Stories Regarding Why Power Failure Happened in Pakistan

One story is currently circulating regarding some Baloch Separatists attacking a power line. The officials turned away this reason, calling it utter nonsense and rubbish. Another story was related to the non-supply of gas to the power sector due to which the power production reduced than the needed supply and ending up in a nationwide power failure. This could be considered as a genuine one as it is closer to the current gas load shedding and crisis in Pakistan due to increased demand in the winter season.

Reason for Power Failure in Pakistan

However, a most recent story shared by one of the Government officials seems to be most accurate and genuine.

Ayub, the Minister of Energy, initially mentioned that the exact information can only be told after a detailed report, regarding the failure. Later on, he added that the Guddu power plant developed a fault. Due to this “the frequency dropped within the seconds”. He further named it, as a cascade effect, in technical terms. Because the safety or backup systems of the power plant began to shut down “one after the other”.

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Moreover, the Energy Minister added that this was similar to a fuse blowing. It requires to be tackled manually, and the shutdown of the power plant had affected the entire country.

Comparison of Pakistan’s Blackout Situation with New York’s Blackout

Some public figures have admired the Pakistani public for staying calm during this long hour of the blackout. They even compared it with a similar story that happened in New York. The people started looting the shops and breaking into ATMs and stores in New York. On the contrarily, people in Pakistan stayed calm and enjoyed the situation with all sorts of stories, memes, and myths.

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Current Situation of the Blackout

With consistent efforts from the on-ground teams of the Energy sector, most of the cities are restored from the blackout. Initially, the major cities are prioritized for the energy supply. However, the efforts are still ongoing to get all the cities back on track.

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So this was the story regarding the reason for power failure in Pakistan. Let us know if you have any such interesting stories to share with us.


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