Rectus Femoris Origin

rectus femoris origin
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The Rectus femoris muscle has two starting points at the front second rate iliac spine of the pelvis and the upper edge of the hip bone socket. Distally its filaments end in the regular addition ligament (quadriceps ligament).

The quadriceps femoris muscle is a four-membered muscle of the thigh which totally covers the front femur. It positions among the most grounded muscles in the human body (physiological cross-sectional territory > 150 cm2). It fundamentally frames the horizontal shapes and the ventral side of the thigh. Its innervation is conveyed by the femoral nerve (L2-4).


rectus femoris origin


The name of the muscle is gotten from Latin from which it truly deciphers as the ‘four-headed muscle’. The four sections of the muscle are rectus femoris muscle, vastus medialis, vastus lateralis, and vastus intermedius, and they by and large frame a beefy mass of the thigh.


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Rectus femoris muscle

Rectus femoris muscle (Musculus rectus femoris);

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The Rectus femoris muscle has two birthplaces at the front mediocre iliac spine of the pelvis and the upper edge of the hip bone socket. Distally its filaments end in the basic addition ligament (quadriceps ligament).


Vastus medialis muscle

The Vastus medialis muscle runs spirally around the pole from the linea aspera and intertrochanteric line of the femur and converges with the quadriceps ligament generally. A second part – alluded to as average patellar retinaculum – sidesteps the patella medially and embeds at the average condyle of the tibia.


Vastus lateralis muscle

Vastus lateralis muscle (Musculus vastus lateralis);


Vastus lateralis muscle (Musculus vastus lateralis)

The vastus lateralis muscle begins at the linea aspera and more prominent trochanter of the femur, circles around the pole and chiefly keep running into the quadriceps ligament. Mirror-reversed to the vastus medialis muscle a little part circumvents the patella along the side and embeds at the horizontal condyle of the tibia (sidelong patellar retinaculum).

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Vastus intermedius muscle

The vastus intermedius muscle starts at the front side of the femur and closures in the normal inclusion ligament. In the tallness of the patellar base, a little part divides from and embeds at the suprapatellar opening of the knee joint case (articularis family muscle). Despite the fact that it doesn’t consider a free muscle it is some of the time considered as the “fifth head” of the quadriceps.

The quadriceps ligament keeps running over the ventral side and through the periosteum of the patella lastly embeds at the tuberosity of the tibia. The part underneath the patellar zenith is alluded to as the patellar tendon.


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