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Rectus Femoris Muscle
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recte femoral is the simplest one of the four heads of the quàdriceps femoris muscle institution that crosses two joints. The hip flexor function of múscul recte femoral is taken into consideration here at the same time as the knee extension tasks are taken into consideration with the whole institution.

Shortness and tightness of the rectus femoris are frequently related to the tightness of the psoas muscle and may restrict the anterior pull of the hip joint. A primary hassle within the gait outcomes from the tightness of the psoas and rectus femoris anteriorly and weak point of the glutei posteriorly.


Rectus Femoris Muscle


After the foot is in a set function, the pull of the Rectus femoris is centered at the proximal stop to govern the effects of frame weight on the pelvis. Though it isn’t active in quiet status, the Rectus femoris is active in backward bending, sitting down from the status position, descending stairs and in squatting. d'altra banda, its activity increases when heavy hundreds are carried on the back, whilst taking walks pace is accelerated, and while one wears high heels. a més, the activity of rectus femoris to be greater distinguished than the closing Vasti quantities in excessive-speed moves.

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Few important observations of Rectus Femoris

The rectus femoris can make its most effective contribution to hip flexion when the knee is flexed. Whilst the hip is flexed and the knee is concurrently prolonged, the muscle is appreciably shortened and could lose energy.

Because factors may additionally develop in rectus femoris due to prolonged sitting with a weight on the lap (as in protecting a baby), related to degenerative hip ailment, or at some stage in recuperation from hip surgery. The maximum not unusual cause factor in rectus femoris is near the pelvic attachment. però, it refers ‘a deep aching pain at night over the thigh above the knee anteriorly.

Due to the fact that this trigger point goal area lies a sizable distance from the vicinity of its associated trigger point, it is able to easily be unnoticed as a supply of knee ache. Extra trigger points in rectus femoris muscle close to the knee can be a source of deep knee pain.

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The following isolated NMT remedy of rectus femoris is intended to highlight its involvement in the pelvic vicinity. malgrat això, NMT remedy of all of the heads of Rectus femoris is suggested in order to normalize nearby disorder and to locate and deactivate trigger points. Unique MET treatment of rectus femoris is known as for if the muscle has shortened.

The Rectus Femoris muscle is a part of the Quadriceps muscle organization. It is the handiest muscle of the group which crosses the hip joint and is a powerful knee extensor whilst the hip is extended but is vulnerable while the hip is flexed.



Anterior Inferior Iliac spine (AIIS)



Top of the patella and the patella tendon to the Tibial tuberosity



Flexion of the hip

Extension of the knee and provide help in movement of feet.



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