Recordi que ha de posar el seu got sobre la taula

ha de llegir:

The teacher started his class by holding up a glass with some water in it. Then he asked the students “what is the weight of glass?"

“50grams!"… “60grams!”…”100grams” the student responded. I also really don’t know the weigh until I weigh it, the teacher said.

“But my question is here. What would occurred if I held it up like this for a little time?” Student said unanimously “Nothing.” What would happened if I held it for an hour? The teacher questioned to student.

Your arm would start to pain, one of the student answered.

You are absolutely correct. Now what would happened if I held it for a day?

Your arm might have sever muscles stress and could go numb or could have to go to hospital. Said one of a student and all the student laughed.

“Excellent. But throughout all this time, did the weight of glass change?” Questioned the professor.

S'ha de comprovar:

“No” was the answer.

“Then what cause all of sudden arm pain and muscle stress?"

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The student were confused.

The teacher said “what should I do now to get out of pain?"

One student answered “Put the glass down.”

“Very good” said the teacher. Our life problem are precisely like this. If we hold it for a few minutes in your head and they look like ok. Think for them for a long time and they start to pain. Hold it for a long time and they start to paralyze you. In the end you will not be able to do anything.

It is essential to think of the hurdle or challenge in your life. But even more important is to put them down at the end of every day before you are going to sleep.

Because if you going to stress for something for a long time, you could not even focus on your other challenges. If you wake up fresh then you ca handle any issue or problem that comes your way.
So learn to put your glass down daily.

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