Reverse Grip Smith Machine Row

reverse grip smith machine row
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To make muscles more powerful and well-structured, we use different weights like a barbell, dumbbells in the gym, but sometimes are unable to find the perfect result so we should follow reverse grip smith machine row. It is an exercise in which you hold some weights, which are fit in a machine; we lift them up and down. It gives us a proper way of exercising and makes us more recognized that how to get bigger sized muscles. It targets the biceps; it includes other muscles like shoulders, lower back, and forearms. For this exercise, you need to go to a gym and use the smith machine.


reverse grip smith machine row


Instructions of Reverse grip smith machine row:

  • Hold the bars with both palms and get a good grip on them.
  • Add weights that you can carry if you want to add more then you can add.
  • Face these weights and bend your back slightly to lift these bars with your hands
  • Now, pull the bar up and to the chest slowly, keeping your back straight, and hold it.
  • Now return it back slowly to its starting position.
  • You can repeat it as you want to.
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This exercise is not for those who have muscles problems and back pain.

If you have knee injuries then don’t try this exercise as this will become more dangerous for you.

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If you are a beginner, then don’t choose heavier weights, choose those that you can carry easily them.


Benefits Reverse Grip Smith Machine Row:

When you bend down and lift the bars your upper back muscles squeezed and then take the bars to return position your back muscles then open. Its mean you are targeting your upper back muscles too and making them stronger.

  • It increases the muscle size. And make them good postured.
  • It makes the shoulders round shaped
  • It strengthens the upper back and lowers back muscles. It also decreases joints pain as well.


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