Rhomboid Trigger Point

Rhomboid Trigger Point
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Rhomboid trigger point is a pain between shoulders and in joints of the scapula. It is connected with the poor chronic posture.

Rhomboid muscle is any of a few muscles of the upper back that assistance moves the shoulder. Rhomboid muscles are two muscles, one is Rhomboid major and the other one is Rhomboid minor. Rhomboid major is a thin layered rather than the minor. Rhomboid minor is thicker one and is a skeletal small muscle that connects the shoulder blade and moves the scapula downward; in contrast, the Rhomboid major connects the scapula to the backbone of the upper body and lies under the Rhomboid minor. These muscles are responsible for the upward and downward movements of the shoulder blades.


Rhomboid Trigger Point


Rhomboid trigger point indicates in the rhomboids tend to allude torment to the region, will normally present as distress shown by the customer as a mid-upper-back pest or irritation at the back of the shoulder.

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So on the off chance that you are looking to either keep a stance issue, muscle related upper back or potentially neck torment, 10-15 reps performed one to multiple times each day may help.

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However, on the off chance that you have a genuine restorative condition that influences your stance, counsel with your physical specialist for a correct remedy regarding how, when and how often to do this activity. Every individual is unique, and there’s nobody “formula” for sets and reps with regards to utilizing exercise for overseeing back agony.

We feel that pain just because of the overwork and lifting overweight. So we feel restless and feel a great pain in the muscles. The muscles do not ready to bear more work and weight, so, they become less efficient. This is commonly experienced by the football players, gymnastic, weightlifters and tennis players.


Anatomy of Rhomboid Trigger Point


It lies deep into the trapezius muscles, between the spine and shoulder blade.

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It inserts to the medial border of the shoulder blade.


It retracts and elevates the scapula to smooth the shoulder mobility. It adducts scapula.


Nerve Supply of Rhomboid Trigger Point:

It is supplied by the dorsal scapular nerve, C4, 5.


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