Упражнение с еднокрачен планк

Single Leg Plank exercise
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Get at the floor and prop yourself up together with your toes flexed under you and your elbows under your shoulders, shoulder blades back and down.

  • Your body needs to form a direct line. Brace your abs and raise your proper leg up about 10 инча.
  • Balance your body weight in your forearms and the stabilizing leg. Keep for as much as 60 секунди. Transfer legs and repeat on the opposite facet.


Single Leg Plank exercise


I’ve spoken rather lots about the various advantages of planking often, from tightening and strengthening your abs and center muscle tissues, to constructing your top body energy, boosting heart health and blood circulation and even helping to improve your posture. And the nice aspect approximately it? It’s definitely unfastened and can be completed within the consolation of your personal dwelling room!

I goal to plank round three instances every week, on occasion doing a normal and side plank collection to honestly task my whole center phase. However this week, I tried the unmarried-Leg Performer Plank in my Pilates elegance. I understand it appears a touch treacherous. въпреки това, it’s less complicated than it appears – and you certainly don’t want to do it on a pinnacle of a device to experience all of its advantages!

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How to do the Single-Leg Plank:

You may need to apply a mat, rug or towel to lean on for consolation. Begin in an all-fours function, leaning on either your elbows or your palms, relying on what you locate greater challenging. The essential element is to keep your shoulders above and in line with your elbow joints and your neck neutral, so your head is neither up nor down, въпреки това, a continuous line out of your backbone.

Stretch your right leg out in the back of you, observed by way of your left leg, leaning to your feet. You need you again to be direct, with your backside tucked in and your tummy button pulled in toward your backbone. It’s those middle muscle tissue so that it will preserve your whole frame strong.

Start by using lifting your right leg up, so that your foot is suspended in line with your hips or a little bit better. Cognizance on squeezing your bum muscle tissues, while preserving your middle engaged. Задръжте го за 20-60 секунди, relying on your own ability.


Repeat with the left leg. Strive to do 3 rounds of the entire exercising, even as alternating your legs, and intention to do it about three instances every week for extraordinarily improved middle electricity.


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