Standing Front Barbell Raise Over Head

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To start, Standing front barbell raise over head straight with a barbell in your grasp. You should grasp the bar with palms looking down and a closer than bear width hold separated from each other.

Your feet should be bear width separated from each other. Your elbows ought to be somewhat bowed. This is the beginning position.

Lift the barbell up until the point when it is specifically finished your head while breathing out. Make a point to keep your elbows somewhat twisted when playing out every redundancy.




When you feel the withdrawal, start to let the barbell withdraw to the beginning position as you breathe in.

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Step By Step Instruction for Standing front barbell raise overhead

  1. Snatch a barbell utilizing an overhand grasp with your hands somewhat more extensive than bear width separated. Stand up tall with your feet about hip-width separated and the bar beneath your button, however over your chest with your palms confronting the roof.
  2. Press the bar overhead until the point when your elbows are totally bolted out before gradually coming back to the beginning position.
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Tips and tricks for standing front barbell raise over head

  1. Abstain from hyperextending at your lower back. Keep your center tight all through the whole exercise to counteract the damage.
  2. Make sure to squeeze straight over your take and not off before your body.


It takes to change your standard overhead press into a military one is to unite your feet, in the way of an officer preparing for action. The more extensive base of the overhead press – where you remain with your feet bear width separated – gives a significantly more steady stage for the lift. When you unite your feet, you decrease the steadiness of that lower-body stage, which implies your center needs to accomplish more work to keep you stable amid the lift, with your abs and oblique specifically taking care of a greater amount of the heap. A workout is best for the human body and Squat Exercises is one of them.

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