Standing Quad Stretch

Standing Quad Stretch
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The standing quad stretch centers on the quadriceps (front thigh muscles). Be additional delicate with this extension in case you’re inclined to knee or lower-back torment. In the event that back torment is an issue for you, you can complete a comparable extend while lying on your side, twisting your best knee, and bringing your foot rear area toward your bum. Take after these means to see the standing quad extend.


Standing Quad Stretch



  • Stand tall with your feet hip-width separated, pull your abs in, and unwind your shoulders.
  • Twist your left leg, bringing your rear area toward your butt, and handle your left foot with your correct hand.
  • You can get a handle on your left side foot with your left hand if the contrary hand is excessively awkward. You should feel a gentle draw bit by bit spread through the front of your left leg.
  • Switch legs and rehash the extent.
  • Clutch a seat or the divider on the off chance that you experience difficulty adjusting.
  • Try not to bolt the knee of your base leg (the one you’re remaining on).
  • Instructions to stretch the right side in standing
  • The least demanding approach to extend the quadriceps is in standing.
  • Remain close to a seat or ledge to hang on with one hand if important to adjust.
  • Reach down and snatch your correct lower leg. You can utilize the hand on a similar side or the contrary side. The vast majority discover utilizing the contrary hand most agreeable in light of the fact that it enables the hip to remain in an agreeable position. In the event that you can’t achieve your lower leg, you can circle a belt or towel around your correct lower leg and draw on that.
  • Rectify your back, lift your chest up and pull your lower leg back and up gradually.
  • In the event that you can bring your knee behind you as in the photo, you can extend rectus femoris too.
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Standing Quad Stretch in Side Lying

  1. In the event that you experience difficulty with adjusting on one leg, it is conceivable to do this extend in side lying. To extend the correct side just do the accompanying:
  2. Lie on your left side.
  3. Snatch your correct lower leg behind you.
  4. Haul your lower leg up behind you.
  5. To incorporate the rectus femoris you should likewise pull your knee back, however, make sure you keep your abs tight and pelvis nonpartisan.
  6. Try not to permit your back to curve.
  7. Hold this for the proper time.


Standing Quad Stretch in Prone Lying

  1. Extending your quadriceps while lying on your knee and invalidating any extending impact on the rectus femoris. You can help this further by putting a little pad or moved up towel under your knee.
  2. To extend the correct side basically do the accompanying:
  3. Lie on the table/bed/floor and place a moved towel under your correct knee.
  4. Get your correct lower leg behind you and haul your lower leg up behind. On the off chance that you can’t achieve your lower leg you may utilize a belt or towel circled around your lower leg.
  5. Hold this for the suitable time.
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