Straight Arm Crunch

Straight Arm Crunch
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Straight Arm Crunch

The straight arm crunch is the best and relatively most effective abs exercise and is also referred as best exercise for weight loss. It changes the traditional floor crunch by straightening the arms behind you. This is a bit more challenging and difficult exercise towards your core muscles.

Muscles Used in the Straight Arm Crunch

In straight arm crunch apart from your shoulders and arms all of your upper body core muscles are used during the exercise including abdominal core muscles, lower back extensors, and even a hint of the oblique abdominals groups. Straight arm crunch exercise involves more focus on the upper abdominal region than the standard abs crunch and has therefore been regarded as much more difficult yet effective.

How to perform Straight Arm Crunch

Lie down on the floor keeping your face up while with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor equally placed on sides to one another. Adjust your feet by keeping them as wide as your shoulders width apart. Now place your head on the ground and your arms straight out next to you and make sure that it should be parallel to your body. Now exhale and crunch up so that your head and upper back are off the floor. As you do this now reach your arms out in front of you towards your knees but to the sides of your arms. During the crunch keep your lower back on the ground all times. By keeping the pose hold it for a two-second count and then inhale and repeat the crunch from the starting position. Keep repeating this exercise until you have completed all reps for the set.

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Precaution to avoid Injury

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While doing this crunch exercise there is a risk that you could get you’re back injured in case if you do not perform it in right way. So to avoid the risk of injury you should slowly lower your upper body back while going in a downward motion. By doing so you can avoid your body to “crash” back down. Once you are down you should descend slowly until your upper back is just off the mat and repeat reps.

Long Arm Crunch Tips and benefits

  • An exercise mat can be used for comfort
  • Control the motion and do not swing your arms
  • Do not hold your breath for too long

No equipment required for Straight Arm Crunch Exercise

Straight arm crunch is an easy exercise to perform and you totally don’t need a gym membership or ultra-expensive equipment to work your abdominal muscles. Exercises, such as crunches, can be done right at home without any gym instructor or equipment with only basic knowledge of the exercise and right poses. Crunches can help to improve your posture, stability, and balance and also can be a vital exercise for weight loss and shape gaining of abdominal muscles especially abs. By doing a variety of crunches you can effectively target the best shape of six-pack abs.

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