A Study Show that Parents Smoking Increased Risk of Childhood Cancer

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The study of cancer research published that, smoking of both parents could do a definite inherited changes in tumor cell of children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

They see leukemia cell in a DNA test of the toxic effects of tobacco smoke. A researcher at the University of California San Francisco’s Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center said.

“These deletions are not inherited from parents but are acquired in the child’s immune cells, so we think the more important windows of tobacco exposure are during pregnancy and after birth,” he said.

The Researcher set that the one who smoked five cigarettes daily during pregnancy, then the chances of caner will be increase 22% més. It’s better to stop smoking to reduce the chances.


How much exercise do you really need?

Everyone want to know the question of this answer. Each age group of people want to know the answer of this question.

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In our busy and stressful life we don’t have much time for all these things. You should do exercise 2 and half hour a week of moderate intensity exercises. Then its means 30 minutes and five time per week. It could be swimming, ciclisme, jogging, and dancing. If you will do daily 30 minutes workout, you will be in your zone and it will benefit you in different way, you will see changes within a few days.

In case still if you don’t have time for exercise per week, than cramming 150 minutes into the weekend, transfer comparable healthiness benefit to spreading out fitness across the week.

New research about high intensity workouts known as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

HIIT workouts are not fancy. You can do it anywhere, a living room, a basement or a garage. All you that needed is an open space and a strong dose of motivation. HIIT program are safe for all ages. But if you are above 40 you should concern a physician.



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