La bursitis subacromial

Subacromial Bursitis
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La bursitis subacromial is a condition described by methods for tissue damage and irritation of the subacromial bursa (a little liquid filled sac situated underneath the hard unmistakable quality on the best/external part of the shoulder) causing torment in the shoulder.

The shoulder joint is a ball and attachment joint. The socket arises from the outer thing of the shoulder blade, whilst the ball arises from the top component of the humerus (higher arm bone). Simply above the ball and socket joint of the shoulder is a bony prominence called the acromion.


La bursitis subacromial


Underneath the acromion lies a bursa referred to as the subacromial bursa. A bursa is a small sack full of lubricating fluid and is designed to lessen friction between adjoining soft tissue and bony layers. The subacromial bursa reduces friction among the bony prominence of the acromion (above the bursa) and the tendon of the supraspinatus muscle (which attaches to the upper component of the humeral head) below the bursa.

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For the duration of positive activities, together with arm elevation, rotating the shoulder, lifting, pushing or pulling or lying on the shoulder, friction and compressive forces are positioned on the Bursa subacromial. Stress can also be placed at the subacromial bursa following a direct impact or fall onto the factor of the shoulder, elbow or outstretched hand. While those forces are immoderate due to too much repetition or high force, irritation and infection of the bursa may additionally occur. Whilst this takes place, the circumstance is called subacromial bursitis.

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Causes of Subacromial Bursitis

Subacromial Bursitis most normally takes place due to repetitive or prolonged activities placing stress at the subacromial bursa. This commonly happens because of:


  • Repetitive or extended overhead or arm elevation sports
  • Repetitive or extended use of the arm in the front of the body
  • Sports-related to a rotation of the shoulder
  • Lifting (in particular overhead)
  • Excessive pushing or pulling activities (putting pressure on the bursa through the supraspinatus tendon)
  • Setting weight via the affected arm
  • Mendacity at the affected side
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de vegades, the circumstance may arise suddenly due to an immediate blow to the factor of the shoulder or because of a fall onto the shoulder, elbow or outstretched hand.

In athletes, subacromial bursitis can be visible in throwing sports (tal com cricket o beisbol), natació (especially freestyle and butterfly), racquet sports activities (together with tennis), weightlifting or sports.


Signs and symptoms of subacromial bursitis

Sufferers with this circumstance normally experience ache at the top, front, again or outer issue of the shoulder. Pain may additionally radiate into the upper arm as a long way as the elbow. In much less excessive cases, patients may also best revel in a pain or stiffness in the shoulder that will increase with relaxation following sports setting stress at the bursa.

These sports normally include arm elevation sports, use of the arm in the front of the frame or overhead, shoulder rotating sports, lifting, pushing or pulling, setting weight via the armor lying on the affected aspect. The ache related to this condition may also heat up with activity inside the preliminary levels of damage.

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As the condition progresses, patients may additionally experience signs that boom at some stage in activity or game, affecting overall performance. Sufferers with Subacromial Bursitis may revel in pain on firmly touching the top / outer component of the shoulder. A painful arc of arm elevation and/or a sense of shoulder weakness will also be the gift, especially while attempting to elevate or raise the arm overhead.


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