Супермен дъски

Superman Planks

Супермен дъски

Супермен дъски


If you are looking for a simple 5 minute plank exercise to reshape your body and gain perfect abs then Superman planks is the most suitable exercise for you.

Start in a standard plank position, at home or gym or any place you are comfortable for a simple 5 minute plank exercise, by holding your body in a perfect alignment getting support from your forearms and toes. While you maintain the plank position with the rest of your body, slowly lift and extend your one arm and the leg of opposite side of the arm i.e. if you lifted the left arm then lift your right leg and vice versa.

Now once you took the pose then hold them in the raised position for five seconds or less depending on how hard you’re finding it. Once you completed this procedure after that you can return to the starting position and repeat the same pose with alternate arm and leg.

За това упражнение, you don’t need an expert or instructor but you surely need lots of practice and a keen observation to follow the instructions. So for Superman planks as mentioned above, make sure you raise your limbs until they are parallel to the ground and also that your body is balanced.

В началото, this could be a tough exercise if you are a beginner and you might find this Superman plank pose bit tricky, so if this is the case then you should go back to the regular plank and make sure you can do that for 25-30 seconds comfortably. Once you have done the warm-up with regular plank, then you can get this 5 minute plank exercise easily done.

But don’t keep yourself stagnant there and once you have mastered this technique, try increasing the amount of time that you hold your arm and leg in the raised position to get more good results.

Let me sum-up the above procedure of superman planks in a summary. Keep your glutes tight and navel drawn in, move your hands out slowly as far as your body will allow. Afterwards move your opposite leg out slowly and in a straight line with your body. Now stay steady in this pose for few seconds. Repeat the same procedure with alternate arm and leg.


Plank poses are among the best floor exercises which help you to get strong core muscles. Different plank exercises give different results. If you want to build strong core muscles of the body then superman plank pose serves your purpose.



4 Key Points one should keep in mind while performing Superman Plank


  1. Make sure while raising your feet and arm that they should be parallel to the floor and avoid bending at the knee or elbow by keeping your arms and feet straight perfectly.


  1. Make sure that you breathe comfortably while your face is down in the process of performing this exercise.


  1. Before performing Superman plank, warm up first by holding the normal дъска at least for 30 секунди, otherwise, it could be difficult to perform the superman plank properly.


  1. Try not to push your limits too much and also follow the exact position as written. защото, if you do not perform the exercise in the correct way then it could pull your hamstrings or cannot give you satisfactory results you are hoping for abs and body shape.



If you are looking for an ideal body shape by building some abs and core мускули of your body then superman plank is an effective exercise for you. It helps in building core muscles, lower body muscles, glutes, hamstring, и корема



You don’t need any gym equipment other than a floor mat. Също, you don’t require any gym instructor for this exercise if you follow our above-mentioned instructions carefully.


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