múscul temporal

Temporalis Muscle
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la temporalis muscle is a muscle that receives its name based totally on its region within the frame. This muscle is a fan-fashioned muscle located on the temporal bone of the cranium that is a bone of the side of the cranium. A commonplace time period for the area of the temporal bone is the temple. The temporalis muscle originates from the temporal fossa (the depressed place of the temporal bone) and the temporal fascia (the tendinous connective tissue that lies under the pores and skin on top of the temporal bone).

From those locations, the muscle then travels to the mandible (lower jaw) in which it attaches to the coronoid method and the ramus of the mandible. The coronoid technique is a triangular-formed protrusion on the pinnacle of the mandible even as the ramus is the flat part of the mandible this is at once in the back of the enamel.


múscul temporal


The Temporalis (Temporal muscle) is an extensive, radiating muscle, situated at the aspect of the pinnacle. It arises from the whole of the temporal fossa (except that part of it that’s shaped by means of the zygomatic bone) and from the deep floor of the temporal fascia. Its fibers converge as they descend, and lead to a tendon, which passes deep to the zygomatic arch and is inserted into the medial floor, apex, and anterior border of the coronoid procedure and the anterior border of the ramus of the mandible almost as ways forward because of the ultimate molar teeth.

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In case you touch your temples along with your hands and then chunk down, you may experience a muscle flex outward from the temples. This muscle is the temporalis muscle.

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múscul temporal: funció

The main characteristic of the temporalis muscle is to move the mandible or decrease jaw. Especially, the temporalis muscle elevates the lower jaw with a purpose to chunk or near the jaws. It also features to retract the decrease jaw, a més, to move the lower jaw from facet-to-side.

Based on those movements of the lower jaw managed by the temporalis muscle, it is simple to peer why it’s far taken into consideration a chewing muscle. By way of shifting the decrease jaw up, again, and aspect-to-side, the temporalis muscle allows you to chunk down and then chunk on meals.




origen: Temporal fossa among the infra-temporal crest and inferior temporal line.

inserció: Coronoid system and ramus of mandible.

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inervaciones: Deep temporal nerves, branches off the anterior department of the mandibular division of the trigeminal nerve.

Moviment: Elevate and retract the mandible.


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