The Increasing Trend of Kurti

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The demand for Kurtis are increasing in Indian markets and around the world due to the comfort and the style factor of this attire. Kurtis is designed in a way so as to offer comfort while keeping the style and fashion quotient high. Thus, markets have a wide range of options when it comes to Kurtis. There are various designs, patterns, cuts, necks, and colors.

This outfit is also available in various materials and so can be worn in different seasons. On the one hand, cotton Kurtis forms a part of everyday life of a number of women on summer days on the other hand woolen Kurtis occupy the cupboards during winters. Also, on pairing it differently, it can be worn on different occasions such as festivals, wedding ceremonies, religious activities, family dinners, college outings and so on. The versatility of Kurtis is what makes it so special.




Why is it that a woman is so passionate about Kurtis?

  • Kurtis are available in a large range when it comes to prices. This makes this outfit more cost-effective compared to three-piece suit as Kurtis can be paired with jeans, leggings, jeggings which they already own.
  • Kurtis can be availed in different designs, lengths, and cuts and so offer a chance to women of all ages to choose something that suits their needs. Different brands and top fashion designers have some special kurti design in store for every woman. There are women who wish to shift their daily outfits from simple Indian wear to designer Western wear but become uncomfortable in completely western outfits and so wish to figure out something in between and kurti being a perfect blend of Indian and western culture serves their needs. Women wear kurtis according to the occasion for casual wear they would go for a kurti with denim while on the other hand, they would love to wear something ethnic with heavy work which would make them look gorgeous n stunning for festivals like Diwali or weddings. Kurtis are available in a wide variety of ethnic wear as well as modern women who want to wear western wear but are not comfortable with it can get many options in kurtis . There are so many designs and cuts which make it a fusion dress and there are so many patterns in kurtis that can make it easy for people to change themselves when they want to look modern but hesitate to change. With the huge variety of kurtis in the Indo-Western style, it becomes easy for them to balance their Indian culture along with their desire for Western outfits.
  • It is easy to carry and easy to wear. One single quote can be worn with leggings, jeggings, jeans, Salwar, palazzos and even skirts. It is easy to make various looks with just one good kurti. It can be accessorized with long earrings or simple neck piece to complete the look.
  • The versatility of Kurtis makes it suitable for a college day, office wear or festivals and ceremonies. It is also available in differ fabrics making it unique as it can be worn in different seasons.
  • The most beautiful factor about kurti is that a woman of any age can wear it and feel comfortable and pretty. So from a little girl to school going and college going girls, to women who work and are married and are in their old age; everyone can wear it and feel beautiful and satiate their desire for Indo-Western wear.
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The top-notch designers are making kurtis for women of every shape, size and age in all patterns, designs and colors. Style caret is a place where you can find all these kurtis. It offers you a variety just at one stop.

Kurtis are there for every occasion but they should be worn with a proper bottom otherwise the ensemble will not fall in place. Even a beautiful kurti needs to be styled properly and combined with the right lower to complete the attire.

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Here are a few types of kurtis:

types of kurtis

  • Tail cut kurtis enhance your style and can be worn by women of all age groups. They are quite similar to asymmetrical kurtis which are longer on the backside. It has been in trend for some fashion seasons. These types of kurtis suit all women are it a young girl or middle-aged women. Women who are tall carry these types of kurtis and it also looks good on women with hourglass and petite body type.
  • Kaftan kurtis is yet another trendy kurti and is especially adored by those who have some flabs around their waist as it camouflages that enhancing a woman’s beauty. It is comfortable and airy and can be worn in daily wear or to college.
  • Shirt-style kurtis are an epitome of a perfect blend of Indian and Western culture. It combines the traditional ethnic Indian look with the contemporary Western style and makes a woman look simple and elegant.
  • Printed kurtis if worn with different design makes one look stylish and you can twist them a little and it changes the look of the entire outfit.
  • Front slit kurtis, when worn with palazzos or pants, give a very smart and Indo-Western look. They make a very good casual and office wear.
  • Angrakha kurtis are designed by the folk musicians of Rajasthan. This style of kurtis can be embellished with buttons or tassels. It can be worn daily and if made of a formal fabric and with embroidery it goes well for parties also and gives you an ethnic look.
  • Denim kurtis go well with leggings and jeggings and culottes. They also make a one-piece dress.
  • Short flared kurtis are available in varied lengths and start near the breast line and ends at the hemline. Even if you have some flabs wearing this kurti would cover your midriff region and makes you look leaner.
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Stylecaret offers a range of these designs and patterns. It is the place which you can visit to increase and complete your collection of wonderful kurtis.


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