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iron box
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Jeff was the only son of a rich businessman who had lots of money and property. After the demise of his father, Jeff was left with an iron box with important documents, money and other valuables from his father. The box was of great importance for the Jeff so he kept it closer to him all the time.

One day Jeff had to leave for the city for some work for a couple of days so he was worried about his iron box that how he will keep it safe all along the way. Therefore he decided to give the iron box to his best moneylender friend. His name was Smith. Smith was very humble and trustworthy friend and have helped Jeff on many occasions over the past few years which is why Jeff had the confidence in his friend that he will take good care of his iron box while he will be gone for the city.

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So Jeff humbly requested to Smith “Please keep this box with you, it is of great importance and value to me as my father gave it to me, so I will take it from you whenever I return back from the city”.

Smith replied positively that “I will keep this box safe, and carefully, you don’t have to worry about it, and whenever you return back I will hand it over to you as it is without even looking into it.”

Jeff thanked his friend and started his journey towards the city. He knew that his father’s given iron box will be safe with his friend. After few days he returned home and went straight to his friend and asked about the iron box that he handed over to him while he was gone. Smith gave a surprising look and said deliberately, “Oh, the iron box that you gave me, the rat ate it up and I could not stop them.” He stated.

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This answer put Jeff in shocking situation that his friend had become untruthful and greedy, and he is trying to fraud him. Jeff was a smart man, he didn’t said anything to Smith at that time and came back to his home worryingly.

“I will figure out a way to get my iron box back” Jeff thought to himself.

S'ha de comprovar:

After a couple of days passed, Jeff went to Smith and asked, “Can you send your son with me I need someone to help me look after my things.

Smith was worried that Jeff might take a revenge from him but after putting some thought for a few minutes, he thought “Jeff seems to be an idiot, maybe he will reward my son for looking after his work.” After a while he agreed with Jeff and sent his son with him.

El matí següent, Jeff came running to Smith and said, “A dreadful thing has happened. A hawk has took your son away.”

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Smith was angry and asked, “How can a hawk carry him as he is a healthy guy and there is no way that a hawk can carry such a weight and fly away?"
Jeff replied “If a rat can eat an iron box then how could not a hawk carry away your son.”

Smith realized his mistake and felt ashamed and said to Jeff, “I am really sorry my friend. I understand my mistake I became greedy, curious and untrustworthy about the box.” He gave the box back to Jeff.

As Smith realized his mistake therefore Jeff forgave his friend. Both of them became good friends again and Smith learnt a valuable lesson from his such a silly mistake that he made out of dishonesty with his friend.

Moral: What goes around, Comes around! …


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