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lazy sons
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It’s an old story. There was a farmer. He was very hard working. He had three sons Ali, Ahmed, and Abdullah. All three of them were fit and strong. But they were very lazy and idle.

The farmer was very concerned about his sons, their future and farmland that they have to handle after farmer’s death.
One evening, the farmer got an idea of making his sons realize the idea of unity and hard work. He called his sons and said to them. “ALI, AHMED, ABDULLAH listen my dear boys! I have a hidden treasure in our farmland. Search the treasure from the farmland and I will share it among you.”
The sons were so happy after listening to their father. El matí següent, they woke up early and went to the fields and started searching, Ali started from the one end. Ahmed started from the one end and Abdullah did from the center. They dug together each and every inch of the field. But then again they could not find anything.

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They came up to their father and asked about treasure. He said “Dear sons, now you have tooled and condition the ground, why not seed a crop!"
After some days. Quickly the crops grew lushly green. Three of them were happy. The father said, “Listen Sons, this is the real treasure I wanted you to share it with each other.
Moral: success is not easy, and it’s certainly not for the lazy. Fruits of hard work is always sweets.


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