The Obstacle in the way

obstacle in the way
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In early times, there was a king who placed a giant rock on a roadway. The road got blocked because of the huge rock. Then he hid himself and observed to see if anyone would remove the massive rock. He watched some of the king’s richest trader and many other people came by and just walked around it. Many deafeningly accused the king for not keeping road clear. But none of them try to get the stone out of way.

Then a peasant came with bringing a burden of vegetable. When he reached close the rock, he put down his all of vegetable and tried to move the boulder to the side of the road. After some time of pushing the rock he finally succeeded in. Then he picked up his all vegetable. He noticed a purse lying on the road where the huge rock had been.

The purse was filled with many golds coin and a note from the king showing that the gold was for the one who removed the giant rock from the roadway.

A farm worker learned what many of us never understand! Every problem offering a chance to recover our situation.

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