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Tibial Nerve
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la tibial nerve is a branch of the sciatic nerve. The tibial nerve passes via the popliteal fossa to skip below the arch of soleus. The tibial nerve is the larger terminal department of the sciatic nerve with root values of L4, L5, S1, S2, and S3. It lies superficial (or posterior) to the popliteal vessels, extending from the superior attitude to the inferior angle of the popliteal fossa, crossing the popliteal vessels from lateral to medial facet. It offers off branches as shown underneath:


nervi tibial


Muscular branches

Solid branches emerge from the distal piece of the popliteal fossa. It substances the average and sidelong heads of gastronomies, soleus, plantaris and popliteus bulk. The nerve to popliteus crosses the popliteus muscle, runs downwards and along the side, twists around the lower outskirt of the popliteus to supply the profound (or foremost) surface of the popliteus.


Cuteneous branches

Tibial nerve besides produces a Cuteneous nerve called the sural nerve from the focal point of the popliteal fossa and routes out at the far edge.

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Articular branches

There are three articular branches emerges from the best piece of the fossa: progressed average genicular nerve (situated at the floor of average condyle of femur, center genicular nerve (punctures the back tablet of the knee joint to convey the structures situated inside the intercondylar indent of the femur, and sub-par genicular nerve (keeps running along the best outskirt of the popliteus to achieve the average condyle of tibia).


A function of the Tibial Nerve

funcions motores

The tibial nerve innervates all inside the back compartment of the leg solid tissues. They’re isolated in a profound and shallow compartment:



múscul popliti: Laterally rotates the femur at the tibia to liberate the knee joint.

Flexor Hallucis Longus Muscle: Flexes the massive toe and plantar flexes the ankle joint.

Flexor digitorum Longus Muscle: Flexes the other digits and plantar flexes the ankle joint.

Tibialis Posterior Muscle: Inverts the foot and plantar flex the ankle joint.

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Plantaris Muscle: Plantar flexes the ankle joint.

Soleus Muscle: Plantar flexes the ankle joint.

Gastronomies Muscle: Plantar flexes the ankle and flexes the knee joint.


funcions sensorials

In uncommon popliteal fossa, the tibial nerve gives the Cuteneous branches. These merge with branches from the typical fibular nerve to shape the sural nerve. This material nerve supplies the pores and skins of the posterolateral highlight of the leg also the even piece of the foot. The tibial nerve in addition resources all the sole of the foot via 2 branches:

Medial Plantar Nerve: substances the plantar surface of the medial 3 and a half digit, and the related sole location.

Lateral Plantar Nerve: resources the plantar surface of the lateral one and 1/2 digit, and the associated sole area.


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