5 Proven Tips For Successful Food Packaging

5 Proven Tips For Successful Food Packaging
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A consumer passes about 600 items of grocery every minute in a typical supermarket. There is fierce competition for drawing the attention of consumers on the shelf of grocery. So, for a product to stand out on the grocery shelf, it must have an excellent food packaging design. That means a packaging company plays a significant role in making a product successful or a mere failure. Adding to it, the following are six of the proven tips to help you with the successful food packaging.


5 Proven Tips For Successful Food Packaging


5 Proven Tips for Successful Food Packaging

NO 1: Portray the Right Product: It’s the Portrayal of Your Brand

As a matter of fact, a brand is a portrayal of its product so it should depict the products in a highly positive manner. With this regard, depicting an untrue image of the product as a whole means misleading the consumers. In fact, you are cheating on your customers by doing that. In consequence of this, all your brand will get is a poor image, disappointment and it will eventually lose its market value.

Just imagine what happens when you open a product and you find it entirely or partially dissimilar than what its package shows. Without a doubt, it is hurtful and for that reason, you are not going to buy that product later in life. In present times, customers have become very brainy. And, with the availability of a broad array of options, it’s easier to choose another product if they find deceiving packaging of a certain product.

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Moreover, you should also take nutrition labeling into consideration as it can potentially increase the sales of the product too. In the UK and the US, it is the priority of 70% of customers to understand the items imprinted on the list of ingredients regarding packaged foods as per Forbes. For packaged foods, the U.S. market made almost $378 billion in 2017 with the consideration of customers to kcals and content of salt and sugar.

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NO 2: Allow Practicality: It is Revenue-Boosting

In fact, packaging design’s most ignored aspect is practicality. Why so? Because most consumers go for the “tried and true” approach which hinders innovativeness.

Practicality has to do with the actual size, shape as well as the functionality of the container of the food product. It’s not only limited to the label or the wrapper in fact. More notably, a product that offers high practicality ensures greater sales. For instance, Heinz observed skyrocketed sales by turning upside down its ketchup bottle.

For now, and onwards, consider incorporating practicality in the design of food packaging and you will see a relatively greater boost in your sales. In terms of that, you can allow easier storage, carrying or usability when designing the package of the product. Believe it or not, allowing practicality in the product’s package can make it a big hit.


NO 3: ConsiderAuthenticity: It is Truly Winning

In order to make your product eye-catching, you need to be authentic. This is what all the brands out there are competing for regardless of what product they are selling. Although there are no specific guidelines about how to be authentic, you can make all possible efforts to avoid the generic design of the product’s packaging. To serve this purpose, you need to think out of the box. More importantly, the packaging of a product must be compelling particularly when it comes to the food industry. Be as innovative and creative as you can. Additionally, play smartly with images, colors, fonts, layouts to be one step ahead than your competitors in the market.

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NO 4: Ensure Clarity: It is Attention-Grabbing

It only takes about a third of a second for buyers to decide to buy or not as per a study regarding consumer judgment and decision making. If your product‘s package lets the viewers clearly identify your brand and its goal, you rock. In contrast, if its unclear for the consumers to know what product is inside the package or which brand it came from, it’s failing. Most of all, it should also clearly answer what’s the purpose of its creation.

Being clear about your brand and product is crucial to stand out in a highly competitive market. It indeed puts an impact on the decision of buying. Other than having attractive looks, the packaging of your food product must give a clear explanation about its containment. Remember that not only the looks of the packaging but the clarity about what is inside the product also matters the most.

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NO 5: Keep Sustainability, Versatility, and Visibility into Consideration

Do you know the reason why the brands e.g., Nestlé, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, ConAgra Foods, and Cadbury are leading in the current era? Mainly because they have introduced sustainable food packaging as per the sayings of Faisal Ghaus, TechNavio’s Vice President. It is giving them a competitive advantage due to which they are leading in the food industry.

The worldwide demand for green packaging globally was about $161.50 billion in 2015 and it is going to increase in between 2016-21 with the growth of seven percent on per year basis. In fact, in 2021, it is more likely to reach around $242.50 billion. What’s more, sustainable food packaging is also getting popularity as a large number of consumers are willing to buy such products.

Adding to it, sustainable food packaging also allows versatility, visibility, and protection to the food product it contains. The more versatile a food product is, the more sales it is expected to make. Furthermore, by allowing visibility in the packaging design, you can automatically and effortlessly catch the eyes of the consumers.

As a whole, it can make your product a big success and will consume fewer natural resources as well. So, keep in mind all of the afore-mentioned tips when you want to package your food effectively to make it a success.


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