Tips To Defend Your Teeth from Common Dental Problems

Tips To Defend Your Teeth from Common Dental Problems
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Teeth are one of the essential parts of the body that comes later and goes earlier. They are not just meant for eating, but also for keeping your looks younger. Generally, a toothless mouth indicates that the person has grown old because decaying of teeth is a natural process. However, the problems like sensitivity, erosion or mouth sores occur in younger age. Such kind of problems is responsible for early tooth decay and you need effective preventive measures. For the long life of teeth, one can try several natural remedies as well as professional dentist’s services too. No matter whether you are a teenager, adult or old person, teeth problems can occur at any age. In the below article, you will come to know about some of the most common but harmful dental problems that need an immediate resolution to prevent expansion.


Tips To Defend Your Teeth from Common Dental Problems



Most Common Oral Dental Problems and Their Solutions

1)    Periodontal Diseases

Periodontal Diseases


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Periodontal diseases are the problems with the supportive structure of teeth that weaken the strength of roots. This problem affects all supporting tissues of your jaw including cementum, gingiva, alveolar bone, and periodontal ligament. If you are suffering from periodontal diseases, the early symptoms will be swelling and bleeding in gums. Bacteria are the main reason for this infection that gradually spread all over the gums and destroys the supportive structure of the teeth. The main reasons for this problem are:-

1)    Atherosclerosis

2)    Respiratory diseases

3)    Stroke

4)    Diabetes


There are some factors that stimulate this bacterial infection to spread much faster than the usual speed such as tobacco consumption, gritting of teeth, fluctuating hormones, stress, special medication course, and malnutrition.

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This disease is preventable with some easy methods such as brushing teeth and tongue after every meal to remove the plaque and flossing at least once in a day. Use a good mouthwash or teeth whitening gel that reach the corners where a typical brush cannot. Avoid smoking and consult a dentist for the suggestions regarding dietary plans.


2)    Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer


The word cancer is itself terrifying enough that a person feels about to die, but oral cancer is something different. It is also dangerous but also healable with the help of special treatment. The main reasons for oral cancer are excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco products. A person suffering from human papillomavirus is highly prone to oral cancer. Generally after crossing 50 years of life when immunity starts depleting, the risk of oral cancer increases. Some of the most common symptoms of oral cancer that you must never ignore are:-

  • Painful sensations while chewing, speaking or swallowing
  • Red or white patches appear on tongue and gums.
  • Continuous pain or numbness in a part of mouth for a long time.
  • Frequent bleeding in the mouth
  • Lump formation on the neck or inside the mouth
  • Teeth loosening
  • Long lasting earache


Fortunately, there are preventive measures to get rid of oral cancer. The first thing to follow in priority is quitting tobacco consumption habit and also reduces the consumption of alcohol to just one drink per day. At a dentist’s clinics, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation are the 3 major treatment therapies for healing purpose.

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3)    Bad Breath

Bad Breath


Bad breath is basically the reason for embarrassment while interacting publically or spending quality time with loved ones. Nevertheless, it is the reason for some other major dental problems. Continuous lousy breath results in bacterial infection like periodontal that has severe effects as mentioned in the above point. The most common reasons for this problem are poor hygiene. People who don’t do regular brush and floss are highly prone to bad breath problem. Other reasons that are responsible for bad breath are strong smelling beverages like alcohol, tobacco smoking, crash dieting or on special medication course.  Also, the cavities problem, oral cancer and bacteria on the tongue can cause bad breath.

Preventive measures for bad breath

  • Drink plenty of water to keep your mouth hydrated.
  • Try to brush after having every meal
  • Change your brush after 3 months event the bristles are in good condition.
  • Chew cloves because they have antiseptic properties of pain relief and bad breath elimination.
  • Regularly use a strong mouthwash after eating.
  • As a home remedy, add one teaspoon of baking soda in 1 cup of water. Add a few drops of peppermint oil and mix them thoroughly. Rinse with this indigenous mouthwash to get rid of bad breath.


4)    Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth Sensitivity


Sensitivity in teeth has become one of the most common dental problems of current times. People suffering from this sensitivity feel extreme pain while consuming hot drinks, cold beverages and eating sweets. Even some people also feel tooth sensitivity while brushing. The main reason for tooth sensitivity is the removal of enamel. The tooth enamel is a hard layer of coating that prevents you from painful sensations. When it’s gone, the nerve endings expose and become sensitive to cold, hot and sweet.

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The main reason for tooth sensitivity is the wrong way of brushing. Don’t brush too hard that it removes the enamel layer along with plaque too. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles. Bleaching is another major reason for tooth sensitivity, but the impacts are temporary. Rather than bleach, use charcoal powder for teeth whitening safely and naturally. Excessive consumption of acidic eatables like soda, citrus juices and stick candy also damage the enamel and expose the teeth for sensitivity. It is recommended to prefer fiber-rich fruits, cheese, milk and yogurt as your regular diet. Nowadays, many companies are selling anti-sensitivity toothpaste for instant relief. Use a fluoride gel based mouthwash on a regular basis to strengthen the enamel.

Almost everyone is suffering from mouth problems and most of them occur due to the negligence. It is advisable to visit the website of a dentist for consultation purpose at least twice a year for monitoring whether your teeth are healthy or not. They thoroughly analyze and tell you if there is any problem or any possible threat in the future. Generally, most of the dental problems are curable with regular brushing and cleaning habit.


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