Superior 7 Beneficis del massatge de peus abans de dormir

Top 7 Benefits Of Foot Massage Before Bed
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The feet are amongst the most important parts of the body though we tend to ignore it. It plays an essential role in giving support to the entire body weight all the time. d'altra banda, the foot is the body part that keeps us moving and it is thus ironical how we neglect it while taking care of other body parts. We always want the feet to function properly but we fail to take care of it. A simple massage while at home using foot spas could just be enough to give your feet the break that it needs and hence it is important to do it. Doing the massage just before heading to sleep is the best way to do it and it is therefore advisable due to the accruing health benefits associated with it.


Superior 7 Beneficis del massatge de peus abans de dormir


The following are Top 7 Beneficis del massatge de peus abans de dormir

1. Improves blood circulation in the body

Massaging your foot just before bed plays an important role in aiding in the proper circulation of blood in the entire body. With the massage body, veins and arteries are opened up to allow free circulation of blood in the body. This helps to avoid various health disorders which arise as a result of restricting blood flow in the body. Some of these conditions include kidney disorders, high blood pressure, damage to body organs among other health conditions. Feet massage thus helps to maintain a good health of the body and it is thus important to undertake it.

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2. Provides better sleep

There various issues that hinder us from getting that sweet sleep that we always want. Stress is amongst these issues and can comfortably be relieved by just doing a simple massage on your feet before bed. Massage is a minor exercise but the benefits are worth the effort you take just to ensure your body is healthy all the time.

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3. Promotes body relaxation

We spend all hours during the day working and it is thus obvious that we must be tired. Doing some gentle massage on your feet is thus all you need to get your body relaxed. The exercise will as well give you the best sleep that will cap off all your night.


4. Helps to prevent severe injuries

At times you may tend to twist your ankles while walking, which is very common to most of us but do you really know that the twist can result into severe injuries if no focus is given to it? Probably no, massaging your feet each day before bed strengthens the ankles to relief the pain and as well as preventing further injuries.

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5. Reduces edema effects

Edema is a health disorder experienced by mostly young malnourished children and the expectant mothers in their last months of pregnancy. It results from excess fluids that fill up in the cavities and tissues in the body. Regular massage is thus a good solution to counteracting such a problem and hence recommended to persons experiencing such conditions. Eating a healthy diet is also important to do away with the edema condition.


6. Alleviates PMS and menopause symptoms

PMS is quite a challenging issue for most women due to the continuing pain experienced in the entire body. Some of the PMS symptoms include headaches, general body fatigue, anxiety, anger for long hours, getting irritated and mood swings among others. When you notice such symptoms it is advisable to gently massage your feet before going to bed each night. Menopause symptoms are also similar to the PMSand can as well be alleviated by just a simple massage of the feet at home.

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7. Alleviates headaches

From previous studies carried out on the measures taken to completely alleviate headache pain, massage on the feet was proved to be the most efficient way to go. The simple massage helps to ensure a free flow of blood in the body and as well relax the body muscles and as result in reducing or completing alleviating the headaches among other patients.


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From the above benefits, it is thus indisputable that massage is all you need to keep your body in the best health status that you need. It is thus important to frequently massage your feet or request someone to help you do it. malgrat això, always remember not to strongly pull or impact pressure on your feet while doing the massage to avoid further complications.


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