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two brother
two brother
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There were two brother. One was a successful business man, everyone respect him in society and he had a happy family. The other was drug addict and do nothing, he most of the time beat his children and his family was not happy.

Everyone wander how could be two brother so different from the same parents and brought up in the same environment.


When the first one asked, “how did you become a drug addict and why you beat your family? What made you do that?” he replied, “My father.”

They questioned, “what about your father?” He said, “My father was a drug addict and he also beat his family. What do you suppose me to be? That’s what I am?


Then they went to the other brother who was so good in everything, they asked the same question to him. “How are you doing everything so right? What’s motivation make you do that?"

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He replied. “ My father, because when I was a little boy, I used to see my father came home late drunk and he was drug addict and do all the wrong things. I decided on that day, that I will never become like my father in future.


Both had taken motivation from the same source, but both were using it differently.

Because it’s up to us how we take it negatively or positively. Think positive and positive thing will happen.


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