Type 2 Acromion

Type 2 Acromion
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The acromion is a continuation of the scapular spine and type 2 acromion is the second type of acromion that has down sloping character. There are three types of the acromion and fourth is added, Basic, Meta, Meso and Pre acromion. Failure of ossification centers to fuse to the acromion process is called Os Acromiale. Failure exists between type II and type III commonly. But it occurs in less than 10 % of people.  The acromion of the scapula is a huge hard projection on the predominant end of the scapula. It is a chief milestone of the skeletal framework and a muscle connection direct fundamental toward the capacity of the shoulder joint. The acromion likewise frames the acromioclavicular (AC) joint with the clavicle.

Type 2 Acromion


Acromion type 2 is bent or curved – parallel to the humeral head with curved undersurface – considered one of a most common type.


Type 2 Acromion shoulder impingement syndrome:

Type II acromion is curved shaped and basically an anatomical variant of normal with a higher rate of shoulder impingement syndrome and rotator cuff tears.

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Pain in Acromion:

The most common pain in the body is the shoulder pain, the pain of shoulder is made up of different joints consisted with tendons and muscles, these allow movement in the arm. So the rotator cuff causes pain in the shoulder.

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With abduction motion, supraspinatus tendon impinges on the overlying methods and the tendon and the bursa are compressed between humerus and acromion so this strain causes pain.

The Shoulder is made up of three bones, humerus, scapula and calvic. The Arm is kept in shoulder hole and muscles and tendons form a covering around the head of upper arm and connect shoulder blade.

This shoulder pain is common among athletes and middle age group because they use their arms for swimming, tasks, and exercises. Normal anatomical variants cause compression. Because type I is normal rather than the type II is curved downward dipping. So studies have shown that rotator cuff tear increased in person is due to type II and type III.

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Symptoms of pain present in Type 2 Acromion:

  • In the beginning, people don’t notice and don’t go for any treatment. Because it’s a minor pain in the start.
  • The pain is started from the front shoulder and goes to the arm and presents while any activity and rest.
  • Athletes feel pain while playing tennis ball, swimming, and exercise.
  • Pain increases at night, you lose strength and movement and activities like arm behind the back to buttoning and zippering.
  • Mostly the pain occurs between type II and types III acromion.


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