Types of Crunches and Their Benefits

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Types of Crunches and their benefits

When we talk about six-pack abs the exercise that jumps in mind is crunches. Crunches are the perfect exercise for abs and toned belly. These exercises are best for rectos abdominal muscle and core. Crunches exercises are divided into a more different part that works amazingly for other muscles around rectos abdominal. Crunches will make your belly flat.  The crunches exercise burn fewer calories but it is the best exercise for weight loss and that can make your six-pack attractive.



Most of the people say that it’s easy to lose weight than losing the fat of belly. Therefore we all know there is only one exercise that is crunches to make your belly flat, you have to do it regularly with different types of crunches exercise and this will lead you to flat tummy.

All the crunches exercise have small changes that you can do easily. Crunches exercises don’t require any equipment. That’s why you can do at any place.

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Here are some type and a guide to do it.

  1. Basic crunch


You just have to lie straight on your back with bending knees, put your hand behind your head. Then raise yourself up while putting pressure on the abdomen.  You have to be careful while rising up because you can’t use your hand, neck or head strength.

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  1. Revers crunch


The basic crunch will help you in lose upper belly fat and the reverse crunch is for losing lower belly fat. Lie straight on your back and put your legs up at 90 degrees. Now you have to hold your legs back and push backward toward your chest. It will reduce the lower body fat. Don’t do this exercise fast do it slowly. You can hurt yourself doing this.


  1. Twisted Crunch


The twisted crunch is done by lying flat on the floor and then you have to raise yourself to the right side and then the left side. This exercise helps you in flatting the stomach side muscles and is the best exercise for weight loss.


  1. Long Arm Crunch

    Long Arm Crunch

You have to lie flat on the Matt with your knees braced up. Then put your arms above your head. Now hook them together. Lift your upper part of the body using the core muscles. Make sure not to hurt your neck.


  1. Double crunch

    Double Crunch

Double crunches are the mix of basic and reverse crunches. You have to lie on your back and put your legs up at 90 degree and hands behind your head. Now lift your shoulder off the floor like the basic crunch and now stay in this position for few minutes and then return to start position. Repeat this now.


  1. Bicycle crunch

    Bicycle crunch

Bicycle crunches are work for upper abs and rectus abdomens. This can be done by lying straight on your back and then put your hand behind head. Now lift your knees toward your chest. Now rotate your right leg and left then bend one of your legs at knees. Its need to look like padding a bicycle. You have to do crunches at the same time.


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