Unique Styles to Browse through When Buying Men’s Wedding Bands

Unique Styles to Browse through When Buying Men’s Wedding Band
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It is quite popular for more men to avoid wearing engagement rings, and women have traditionally donned bright diamond rings. Hence, while it can get a bit time-consuming to select and choose the perfect engagement ring for the bride, for men, it is a simpler process because the wedding band is the only thing which they will be picking out and wearing. IT has become quite trendy in recent years for men to wear these wedding bands. As a result of this, a lot of new designs and styles are now available for men’s wedding bands, these days. In this article, you will learn about some such new popular and unique styles for men’s wedding bands.


Unique Styles to Browse through When Buying Men’s Wedding Band


Some of the most popular styles are those which are simple and subtle in its designs while still looking dazzling and suave to create a debonair look.


  • Simple in design, subtle in style

The best designs have always been the simplest ones. There can be nothing simpler than plain platinum or gold bands. These days, these designs are being evolved to look better. Now designers incorporate little designer engravings in the inside, that is, the interior part of the rim or even on the exterior. Classic designs include a crescent-shaped silhouette or a simple cross, or the groom’s name. These look elegant without appearing too loud or flashy.

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  • Rough and tough

Men who have not worn any form of rings previously might get a bit apprehensive initially about wearing a ring. They may get afraid of perhaps getting their rings scratched up. For these men, there are rough and tough designs available like exterior with pebbled designs. The uneven texture and finish will look great and will conceal scratches also.


  • Go for a more modern design

Men who want simpler and stylish designs can go for a satin-styled finish with a highly polished engraving in combination. These rings mainly have a band with satin-finish which is inlaid with s highly polished engraving inside. The mixture in the texture patterns looks good together and appears cool. It reflects a personality that is calm and collected, yet confident and appealing. These wedding bands can also be designed with darker colored finishes with steel or a gray color finish to smudge the shiny nature of the metallic material with which the band is made.


  • Studded diamonds

These wedding bands are a bit flashy. Men who like wearing flashy jewelry can go for these. The diamond-studded wedding bands look special and will guarantee to catch eyeballs. Diamonds are a loud fashion statement by themselves, they reflect the world that the wearer is a man with highly refined taste and is not to be taken lightly. Diamonds can be cut to create studs of various designs and shapes and this will make the wedding band more unique in its design and style.

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  • Black is always stylish

Black gemstones can be used in wedding bands; these will give a more edgy feel to the wedding band. These look great with a shiny exterior. The central idea of these wedding bands is to create contrast with your light-colored shirts and suits. The more the polish on the band, the better this design will look like the black color will contrast with the shiny exterior thereby creating a dazzling design.


  • Combination with the engagement ring

A lot of couples go for a combination design where the wedding band for the groom matches the design and color of the engagement ring of the bride. The ideal design for the wedding band will be a shiny satin exterior with diamond-studded rims, which will go with the diamond engagement ring of the bride. A lot of other materials are also available for men’s wedding bands like tungsten, bronze, silver, and steel. These bands come in various textures and engraved designs.

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The prices of these wedding bands are also quite reasonable, many online retailers sell these products, and they are easily available. Be sure to check out the reviews of a product before finally setting to buy it.



Wedding bands are fashionable for men because men do not wear engagement rings in general. These are wonderful accessories that can raise the glamor quotient for men and make them look enviable. Wedding bands for men are available at a range of prices which can be easily afforded by people from all sections of society. They come in a variety of designs and styles and are made from some materials also. These bands are available online from various retailers who sell their wares online and even deliver the products to your doorsteps. Hopefully, this article would have helped you in deciding which style of wedding band you would like to have.


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