Ventrogluteal Site

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Intramuscular injections are used to provide medication to muscles deeply. Ventrogluteal site is recommended instead of dorsogluteal site for intramuscular injections because it is free from major blood vessels and nerves and it has thin tissue over the injection site and provides the most consistent layer of adipose tissue and helps to drug the targeted muscles.




IM injection hits the side of the hip for ventrogluteal injection. Ventrogluteal is a site allowing medications to be absorbed more rapidly through muscle fibers because it has a rich blood supply. Mostly it is used for children and adults. If you have a fever or road injuries, then ventrogluteal injection is necessary, here we will give you instructions of injecting ventrogluteal.


Instructions of Ventrogluteal Site Injection:

Find the injection site:

  • Lay down the patient on a side or back on a bed in a lateral position, and face the area that you use for injection.
  • Bend knees to a side.
  • Keep your palm on the greater trochanter of the femur.
  • Place your ring finger on anterior iliac crest and place thumb towards the front of the leg.
  • Create a V shape on the targeted area by spreading middle finger away from the index finger.
  • The injection site is laid in the middle of the V shape region.
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Preparing an injection:

Fill the injection with medication, use alcohol cotton, and wear gloves. Use a container to puncture the used needle and syringe.

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Give a ventrogluteal injection:

Once you have found the area and prepare the injection, don’t forget to tell the patient to relax the muscles. Because it will be dangerous or painful for the patient if the patient doesn’t relax the muscles. Needle length depends on the age of the patients. For an adult, 25mm to 38 mm length is recommended and the medication is acquired 3 ml.

  • Before bend down, remove the needle cap. Place it near to the area.
  • Use alcohol cotton and place it on the area so the injection can be injected easily.
  • Inject the needle at the targeted area carefully.
  • Once you injected, use alcohol cotton to pierce the syringe back.
  • Check for blood, if the needle has blood on it its mean it has hit a vessel.
  • If there’s no blood its mean you have injected well.
  • After injecting, use a band to aid the targeted place.
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Why Ventrogluteal Site Is Used For Injections:

These injections are used to relieve any pain or sedatives. You can take it if you are already using many medications.

They are also considered safest as it has a thin layer of muscles because it reduces the chances of getting injured while injection. For weak patients and for a heavy dosage it is recommended.



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