Отслабване хирургия и Неговата 6 Мащабна странични ефекти

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I have no time to lose weight; I wish there could be some machine that slims me down…

ох, my friend opts for a weight loss surgery and she is doing just fine. I’ll opt for it too.

The story of laziness is never-ending. When people feel that they can’t lose weight on their own, then they opt for the shortcuts that give them nothing but losses in the long run.

We are here to tell you about the Отслабване хирургия и Неговата 6 Мащабна странични ефекти. We know that you are too goofy to move that body, but it doesn’t mean that you opt for a weight loss surgery. Natural methods of losing weight are not only long lasting but don’t give you anything to regret.

Nowadays people are looking for the shortcuts to losing weight. They try all the fad diets but when they fail to follow them the only option they come across is of the weight loss surgery.

Little you do know; there are so many risks attached to different weight loss surgeries. You can improve your body shape by using a healthy diet; there is no need to consider the weight loss surgery.


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ох, what we just heard?

Are you thinking about a weight loss surgery to eliminate the stubborn fat out of your body?

Please hold on! първи, read this complete blog then decide for yourself, whether you want to opt for a weight loss surgery or not.

първи, we will tell you about the different weight loss surgeries that are available in the surgeons’ market then we will show you how they ruin your entire body.


What is gastric banding?

What happens in a gastric banding surgery is that they make a small incision in the abdomen and then they tie a band around an individual’s stomach. If you see it from a broader perspective, they are basically dividing your stomach into two parts. Once you eat something, it gets into the smaller pouch and makes you feel that you can’t consume more food.

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Sleeve gastrectomy

It is another dangerous procedure. In this procedure, the surgeon removes a little bit part of your stomach. When the part is removed, your stomach reduces and you start eating less food.


Malabsorption surgery

It is called as gastric bypass. In this surgery, particular kind of staples is used. This procedure is done by connecting the small intestine of an individual to the stomach. In this surgery, they create a link and eventually your food consumption decreases at a good scale.


Call weight loss surgeries “Your real enemy.”

Sane doctors always recommend their patients to lose weight naturally. A healthy weight loss is right for you; it doesn’t involve any risk. Все още, some doctors recommend weight loss surgeries to people without telling them about the risks associated with each.

Mark our words, if you will opt for a weight loss surgery, then the side effects would be severe.


Below are Weight Loss Surgery And Its 6 Мащабна странични ефекти:

  1. Food dumping syndrome

It is the worst complication that comes as a gift with the weight loss surgery. You don’t understand that when the size of your stomach reduces, its functionality decreases as well. Your stomach gets slow, plenty of undigested food makes its way to the remaining part of your digestive tract.

Proper digestion of food is essential for you. When your stomach is incapable of digesting it properly, the pressure builds up inside and makes you feel weak and dizzy.

освен това, you may face the problem of diarrhea due to the water retention.


  1. Low blood sugar level

This is the worst side effect of weight loss surgery. You face the problem of low blood sugar level due to the weight loss surgery. Your pancreases go crazy and start releasing insulin more than the needed. This seriously hits your body and this is something that is not easy to fix.

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If you want to keep a balanced blood sugar level, then you have to take lots of carbohydrates and protein-rich food. добре, it doesn’t solve the problem entirely as those foods that are rich in carbohydrates and proteins, can’t be eaten in a significant amount.

If you are opting for a weight loss surgery, then you are doing nothing other than welcoming a new side effect for yourself. Low blood sugar level not only causes stomach discomforts but causes dizziness, you sweat a lot and you start taking more stress.

Sometimes the individual’s condition gets worse on a scale that they start getting seizures. The side effects can be harsh than what you can imagine of; weight loss surgeries can cause death as well.


  1. Excessive skin

Take our words for it; weight loss surgeries always give you a gift of side effects. This is the primary difference between a natural weight loss and a weight loss surgery; when you naturally lose weight through proper diet and exercise, your body adapts it. While when you opt for a weight loss surgery, you do nothing other than giving a shock to your body.

Do you have any idea that your skin starts losing after the weight loss surgery? Any weight loss surgery doesn’t help in tightening up the skin that starts sagging.

Loose skin on your hips, chest and abdomen looks so bad. You feel embarrassed while wearing off the shoulder dresses, crisscross dresses and many others.

Many people opt for another cosmetic surgery right after the weight loss surgery to tighten up the loose skin.


  1. Gallstones problem

Sigh! It is such a painful thing to have the gallstones developed. Call it the perks of the weight loss surgery, you start getting gallstones. обикновено, the stones make their place in the bile ducts and gallbladder.

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Those people who opt for bariatric surgery face this problem the most. In most of the cases, you have to get your gallbladder removed due to the intolerable pain.

Due to the gallbladder stones, you face severe problems like indigestion, acute fever, diarrhea and many others.


  1. Problem of malnutrition

You must have heard of the problem of food intolerance. Actually what happens after a weight loss surgery is that your capacity of consuming food decreases. Since the stomach size decreases, you don’t take the needed calories. Така, when you feel like eating something and you overdo a bit, then you start getting abdominal discomforts. You feel more tired and your body starts getting bloated.


  1. Weight loss surgery failures

Weight loss surgeries are so risky for people. Those who opt for bariatric surgery should not consider themselves safe at all. Within the first year of surgery, things start going wrong for many. They start facing several stomach discomforts which make their condition worse.

Many times people face the problem of gastric band slip. The gastric band that is introduced into the body leaves its position and your stomach pouch gets bigger. Due to the relocation of the gastric band a person undergoes another surgery to get it removed for good.


Bottom Line

Never expect the weight loss surgery to be done without severe complications. You face multiple side effects of weight loss surgeries which affect your health directly and sometimes cosmetically.

Със сигурност, the above side effects are quite convincing and you’ll never say again that you want to opt for the weight loss surgery. Even if you know someone who is considering the weight loss surgery, do a little act of kindness and make that person read this blog before he jumps into the triangle of troubles.


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