Why Your Destination Wedding Should Be in Mykonos

Why Your Destination Wedding Should Be in Mykonos
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If you are wanting to get married abroad, there is nowhere a better destination than Mykonos. Mykonos weddings are loved by many people since it allows the chance for them to marry their loved one in a stunning, sunshine laden setting with the iconic white buildings of the island forming the perfect background. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a destination wedding in Mykonos.


Why Your Destination Wedding Should Be in Mykonos


5 Reasons to Your Destination Wedding Should Be in Mykonos

01: Easy to Reach

Mykonos has its own airport; making it one of the easiest islands to visit from the UK. Flights frequently leave the London airports for either the Mykonos Island Airport or Athens. From Athens, you can then either take the ferry or an internal flight to get to the island.

Back in the UK, flights also from Manchester and other major UK airports. Consider flying with Thomas Cook for direct flights.


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02: All the Family Can Be Close By

Mykonos is home to many little compounds of several private villas all close together. This means that you could fly all the family out and keep them close together to enjoy a nice family holiday as you get ready for your wedding.

Putting your loved ones into “holiday mode” means that they will be able to relax and enjoy themselves. They will be less stressed about the wedding which in turn will allow you to be less stressed as they won’t project any of their worries onto you.

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Destination weddings also have the added bonus of being a sneaky but polite way to cull the wedding list. You know that your fiancé’s aunt does not get along with your grandmother, but you also know that she won’t be able to get time off work for the trip. She won’t feel guilty about having to miss the wedding, and you can rest easy knowing there will be no spat over the wedding breakfast.


03: A Planner Will Be Close at Hand

Worried about how you are going to organize flowers and favors if you are not in Mykonos to see and sample things? Have no fear; BlueVillas are known for Mykonos Weddings and their dedicated team of event planners will be able to get everything arranged from poses for your flower girls to your choice of honeymoon suite for after.

Relax and let them take care of everything that needs to be organized, while you focus on the fun details like your outfit for the wedding.

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04: Escaping the Family

If you and your new spouse want to slip away for a few nights after the big day, Mykonos offers you the perfect base to start from. It is incredibly easy to hop on a ferry and be over to another island in just a few hours.

For just a day trip away, consider joining a guided tour of Delos. This amazing historical site is said to be home to Apollo and Artemis and features many temples and ruins for you to explore. If you want a quick breather away from the family holiday, this is the place you should go.

For a more extended trip away, you should definitely consider a few nights in Naxos. Almost like stepping back in time, this island is much quieter than some of its neighbors and will offer you some peace and quiet after the fun of the wedding.


05: Activities for All

Back with your family, there are plenty of things they could get up to while waiting for your return. The island of Mykonos might be known for its nightlife (good for the adults among your party) but there is still plenty to do if you have little ones in tow.

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For the budding archaeologists among them, head to the Aegean Maritime Museum. Located right in the center of Mykonos Town, it will keep everyone captivated with the history of Greek sailing. You could also take the trip to see the Armenistis Lighthouse. This is one of the most popular attractions on the island and it offers fantastic views for the sea all around.

Finally, a day at the beach never goes amiss and on Mykonos, you are truly spoiled. Head to Kalafatis for crystal blue water and water sports or to Psarou Beach for a quieter day trip for some sand and surf.


Your Wedding on Mykonos is Waiting

If your heart is set on a wedding abroad, you should seriously consider Mykonos. This romantic getaway will form the backdrop of the perfect wedding day for you and your loved one. You need not to worry about the stress of organizing everything as it can all be arranged for you. Instead, all you need to do is focus on is you and your loved one as you prepare to take your first married steps together.

Take a deep breath and start looking into how to make your destination wedding dreams a reality today!


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